10 Benefits of Microsoft Power BI

10 Benefits of Microsoft Power BI


Microsoft’s Power BI solution is a revolutionary business intelligence software that has granted a level of data access, accuracy and opportunity that was previously inaccessible to most businesses. By making data easy to understand and process you can truly drive business progress and change your workplace culture.

A data first work environment supports a more productive and resourceful workforce and a more accurate and diligent decision making process.

1 . It’s Free! Well, at least if you want the baseline desktop version. Sadly, there is no opportunity to share and collaborate on Power BI Desktop and it does have some limitations on storage and data processesing. But for a free business intelligence soultion it’s excpetionally comprehnsive and is ideal from small business or individual users that what to make more sense of their data. The Pro version is included with Office 365 Microsoft Office Enterprise E5 licenses as part of the package.

2 . It’s easy! Power BI is a cloud-backed solution so it doesn’t require you to have any hardware, or internal skills to get started. Simply download and get going.

3 . It’s Modular! Power BI integrates with all of your favorite workplace applications – so you are getting the most out of all your workplace data. Consolidate everything inside one solution, it even integrates with Excel. Find all potential application options here.

4 . It’s Customizable! Customize dashboards to get the information that’s important to you.

5 . It’s Fast! Another benefit of a cloud backed solution is there are no memory or speed constraints. Quickly retrieve the data you need without annoying load time, lag and crashes. (Pro and Premium versions)

6 . It’s full view: You get a 360-degree perspective on your entire business all from one dashboard.

7 . It’s beautiful: Create stunning, engaging interactive reports and presentations – Power BI gives you a library of dynamic charts and graphs to choose from and personalize to your style or brand.

8 . It’s accurate: Power BI uses real-time, up-to-the minute data so you are never making decisions with incomplete information.

9 . It’s collaborative: create, edit and review reports with internal and external parties. Embed everything on your application or website. Power BI reports are available on any mobile device for going on the go.

10 . It’s growing: Power BI has over 5 million subscribers and is used by over 200,000 organizations. A unique eco-system of advice, tips and plugins.

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