Aware Bangkok New Year’s Event: Cosplay Party

Chaolao Tosaeng Beach Resort, Chanthaburi
The Aware Bangkok New Year’s Celebration for 2010 took place on Saturday, 8 January, at the Chaolao Tosaeng Beach Resort. This year had a big party with the theme “Cosplay Party.”  Everybody showed up in great costumes and had a great time.
Much fun was had by all. Prizes and big gifts awarded were:


• Surasit Patana-Anek (A) was the big winner for the night, taking home an iPad.
• prize for the best costume went to Piyathida Kittihanawan (Tuck), who wore a Thai boxing costume that she copied from “Phad Na Ya,” a Thai drama show.
• 14 employees received recognition for working 5 year at Aware, and Sureeporn Srisuriyachai (Tuk) was recognized for working 10 years at Aware.
• Aware proudly announces that Phumnaphan Kerndee (Kor) received the Super Perfect Attendance Reward for not taking any sick leave or vacation for 5 years.  In recognition, he received 10,000 baht.

Everyone partied together and had a lot of fun.