Site and Location Information Management System


To keep up with its rapid customer growth and provide the best possible cellular coverage to over 35 million customers, AIS (Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited), Thailand’s largest GSM mobile phone operator, constantly expanded its mobile cell sites. By 2013 AIS had over 30,000 sites across Thailand. Consequently, updating, maintaining and accessing information for each site became a huge operational problem. Without a centralized data solution, back up, or data standardization, managers were condemned to recording and updating information for each cell site using Excel spreadsheets. This led to data discrepancies and crippling information access problems across the company. AIS asked Aware to fix the problem and create a centralized data recording and management solution.

Updating, maintaining and accessing information for
each site became a huge operations problem.


cellular customers


sites across Thailand

Manually Managed

manual information updating
for each cell site


Aware worked with AIS to develop and implement SLIM (Site and Location Information Management System), a centralized recording solution. Developed in Java, SLIM is a web application that makes it easy for AIS to monitor and manage mobile cell sites, add and update details and retrieve historical data. SLIM’s initial features include:

  • Data fields standardized to ensure consistency and ease of use when entering and recovering information.
  • Site tracking based on location name (building), region, province, maintenance requirements, and operational status.
  • Admin ID’s and multi-access levels that provide accountability and transparency. Select users can update and edit data while others can only access and view appropriate information.

Based on the success of the original deployment, AIS asked Aware to help them overcome other operational burdens. They included administrative strains caused by lengthy licensing agreement approval processes between cell site building owner/s and AIS and the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).

Aware added features including:

  • ‘SLIM Frequency licensing agreements’ which gives users more visibility, accountability and control over the approval process, speeds up approvals between departments, and increases the overall efficiency of setting up a mobile cell site.
  • ‘SLIM Landlord’ which allows users to record information for each mobile cell site’s building landlord (name, DOB, personality traits, preferences, photos, etc.) and therefore to improve customer relations. SLIM Landlord was ‘live’ and met all requirements within 4 months.

Now AIS can easily input, manage and retrieve data from over 30,000 mobile cell sites


Delivered on time and on budget, SLIM has significantly reduced errors and increased the productivity of managers and staff working on mobile cell sites.

Thanks to the flexibility of Aware’s solution, an effective data management system has quickly grown into a CRM system. As well as easily monitoring mobil cell sites, AIS can manage the licensing agreements process and develop better relationships with site landlords.

SLIM simplifies and speeds up data recording and retrieval,
and provides accountability, transparency