Honda Thailand

Polymer Officer Monitoring


Honda’s car bumper manufacturing assembly teams were drawing daily production order plans on whiteboards. Changes were manually recorded, and all reports manually compiled. This process left room for error, made planning and reporting difficult, and led to inaccuracies. Honda simply could not monitor or assess the efficiency of its manufacturing process with confidence.

As the main production base for Honda cars in South East Asia, Honda Automobiles (Thailand) Co. relies on accurate daily order plans and reports to ensure its manufacturing lines are running at maximum efficiency.

Aware works with manufactures of all shapes and sizes and understands the importance of real-time data collection, access and reporting. Our team worked closely with Honda to develop a solution that met their needs and helped them increase the efficiency of their business.

Whiteboard order plans

Manually recorded changes

Manually compiled reports


Aware designed and developed POM (Polymer Officer Monitoring) for Honda. POM is an ASP.Net web application that enables Honda to create, input and edit production plans, and to automate reporting for production and assembly line staff and managers.

Assembly line managers and staff can record the output and cycle time of bumpers per production mold. Daily, weekly and monthly reports can be automatically generated to improve monitoring, analysis, and performance for each mold in the various production lines.


  • Manage the daily order plan for bumper production
  • Edit and export data
  • Easy report generation


Honda can quickly and accurately measure performance output.

Aware was able to meet Honda’s requirements and automate their production line planning operation in 4 months. Honda can now quickly and accurately measure the performance output of individual bumper molds, and make informed decisions about planning and production schedules.

Based on the success of POM, Aware is now working with Honda on plans for a series of new projects.