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Full-scale Cloud Consultation to emerge at your business outcomes:

The transformative power of cloud technology brings unparalleled potential in business innovation. Offering a spectacular array of tools, technologies, and opportunities, that have never been so accessible.

Innovation and unheralded potential often usher in trepidation, fear of adoption, and anxiety over pit-falls and complexities. We understand. Aware Cloud Consulting Services, guide you through the arduous terrain of cloud technologies and identify the initiatives most critical to your business growth.

We partner with the leading Cloud Providers Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform to ensure you have access to the most diverse, powerful and cost-effective access to cloud technology.

Cloud Solution
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Rapid Adoption, Migration and Understanding.

No two businesses have matching requirements or migration specifications – but they all demand the same seamless, safe and swift transition.

Whether it’s a full-scale data center to cloud migration or a niche cloud project you could always use some outsider perspective and insider know-how. Your journey to cloud will be littered with tests and potential pitfalls for your business to avoid and overcome. Aware Group Cloud Consulting Services illuminate your path with tried and tested adoption roadmaps and detailed blueprints for large scale migrations.

Your Cloud Journey:

Research shows that nearly two-thids of businesses have not achieved the benefits they expected out of  their own cloud initiatives.  We are here to arrest this considerable slide. Aware Group understands not only the technical implications but incorporates a holistic strategy that incorporates your capabilities, working culture and long-term vision.

Equipped with a clear understanding of your infrastructure and cloud goals, Aware Group defines and executes a cloud technology implementation that drives your business forward. We are on hand to assist in the planning, designing, implementation and management of your cloud transition – 24 hours a day.

We consider not only how your business transitions to the cloud, but how it can make the most of this revolutionary technology once it is there.

The Aware Way:

Business Technology is our Domain: Hands-on access to the most qualified consultants. Aware engineers are not only versed and certified across cloud platforms, but are dedicated to business technology across the spectrum offering you rounded, coherent support across your operation.

Shorter Time to Market: By combining our robust knowledge of the cloud and our in-depth analysis of your organization we can jumpstart your efforts – applying years of experience to quickly gather momentum on your cloud project and you get you to market faster.

Peace-of-mind: taking on the cloud independently you risk downtime, data loss, security breaches or failures and errors in your infrastructure. Aware Cloud Consultation Services breakdown the process easily, explaining how to mitigate and avoid these risks and bring your business into a cloud based future.

The choice is yours. Choose Aware.

  • A collaborative approach
  • Proven success delivering mobile solutions for consumer and enterprise clients
  • Integration expertise in software and hardware
  • A single source of accountability – no multiple vendors