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More Space and Power; Less Expense and Hassle.

On-premise storage is an energy, time, and money suck. Ramping up unpredictable costs, hoovering up wasted hours, constant maintenance, and hefty upfront capital expense.

We see it every day, companies buying expensive hardware, setting-up complex infrastructures and then paying an inhouse team to support it all. The capital outlay is so substantial that businesses like yours are locked into this costly decision for years – maintaining, supporting, and replacing as they go.

Luckily, there is another way…

Cloud Solution
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Cutting the fluff from Cloud, with simple solutions.

Imagine an environment where you could have virtually infinite storage space and technological capability. A situation where your application is stored and maintained, without any inhouse specialists. And a relationship where you know all your business costs upfront, with the flexability to scale your operations up and down. Cloud is the fusion of these ideas: leveraging the business benefit of limitless technical capability, utilizing hardware that is constantly on the cusp of groundbreaking technology, without your own upfront capital spend or risk.

But Cloud benefits are not just procedural: Cloud technology fosters very real cost benefits, esepcially in underlying costs. Although the visible costs of subscription or support are often comparable, the overall annual cost of ownership for on-premise can often be 5-times more costly when you account for underlying costs like IT staffing, upgrades, maintnenance, software and infrastructure costs. It has enabled businesses to avoid being locked into expensive hardware that is out-of-date 6 months after purchase, and to be surprised by expensive upgrades and maintenance costs.

The Future is Cloud

Skepticism is healthy, especially when it comes to technology as transformative as The Cloud.  With the caution around security – there is also a hefty dose of confusion. The reality is security competencies of leading cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, and Alibaba outstrip any on-premise operation in the world. Many in-house cybersecurity teams don’t have enough computing power and technical skill to comprehensively monitor their own operations, let alone a raft of clients, no matter their intentions. Who would you trust to be in control?

And the numbers support this: Enterprise Cloud adoption is very much on the rise with an estimated 83% of enterprise workloads expected to be in the cloud by 2020. Today, 95% of all enterprises are using cloud services accounting for around 30% of total IT spend. The world’s leading companies are adopting cloud rapidly to fulfil a variety of use cases.

By migrating to the Cloud, you are voting for the future, a progressive, forward thinking move. You are showing your business has purpose, and a place in tomorrow’s world not just today’s.

What Can Enterprises Do?

Storing and developing applications: Cloud storage meets the demands of the modern business; increasingly secure, flexible, accessible and transparent. The elastic nature gives development teams the resources they need to develop, test, deploy and release applications and software.

Archiving for compliance: Cloud technology offers a secure, durable and low-cost storage solution for long-term backups. Securely extend or migrate your on-premise back-up with data archiving to the cloud, reducing cost and complexity.

Disaster Recovery: if your company’s systems become inoperable due to natural or technological disaster you need a backup solution that is easy, efficient and fast.  Ultimately storing your critical applications to the cloud makes your disaster recovery operation more flexible and portable.

Enterprise Web Hosting: Large, demanding and highly trafficked sites require the technological resources and support to dynamically scale. Enterprise websites can be designed to span multiple availability zones to offer high levels of availability, scalability and performance as well as technical and support competencies.

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