How to Pick the Correct Ad Strategy

31 Jan How to Pick the Correct Ad Strategy

Picking the Correct Ad Strategy

Bidding appropriately is one of the most critical factors for your business’s online success. Google Ads offers users a variety of bidding options tailored to marketing goals to deliver maximum impact and ROI.

Bidding influences how visible your ads is, it is one of the core ranking factors and impacts your ad performance – inefficient bidding could leave you missing out valuable conversions.

Keeping on top of your bidding can be a constant struggle as bidding dynamically changes throughout the day – user journeys are very complex – no two clicks are ever the same.

Obviously, the goal of most marketing campaigns is to reach the right user, with the right message and the right time. To guarantee this you want a budget that lasts the entire day and doesn’t over pay for unappropriate clicks.

What is Google Ads Auction?

To make bidding as easy as possible Google have automated ads bidding. Automated bidding uses machine learning to apply the appropriate bid each and every time someone searches your keywords in Google. This saves you time targeting certain keywords at certain times of day – it also is sophisticated enough to understand the unique context of each and every searcher and can bid high appropriately to every auction. The depth of analysis Google has access to is astounding – it constant adapts and changes to learn more.

The ad strategy that you choose is based on your goals.

If your goal is visibility, from a branding perspective you would choose an Awareness-based bidding strategy, like impressions share. This means that you are going to meet specific impression (an impression is where a searcher sees your ad) thresholds. Typically impressions share is broken down into cost per thousand views CPM or Cost Per Mille.

If your goal is to access the consideration set of customers – cost-per-click would be an appropriate strategy. Essentially, you are looking to get as many qualified clicks as possible for as cheaply as possible. For this, you would use Maximize Click where you are charged per click.

Conversions focused bidding strategies drive as much conversion ready clicks as possible. For this Google Ads offer tCPA – which is a targeted average cost per acquisition goal OR eCPC – strategy automatically increases or decreases you manually set CPC allowance depending on the likelihood of a conversion.

Revenue Bidding: if you have managed at least 50 conversions in the past 20 days from search or 15 from display you can opt for ROAS bidding or Return on Ad Spend.

Google Ads Manager

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