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Aware Colocation Solutions

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Make the right choice before ramping up your costs

Recently there’s been a dynamic shift in the IT landscape, leading IT managers and directors to re-evaluate their infrastructure strategy. The preference for server rooms has moved aside, with companies now preferring the technological and cost advantages of colocation solutions.

Consider this: Aware’s colocation solutions can help you save money, increase protection, and above all, improve efficiency. If you are re-evaluating your IT set-up and planning on moving, expanding or even consolidating your data center you should look at the soft and hard costs of this expansion and the technological restrictions versus the benefits of colocation.

You can join Aware’s colocation solutions on rack or server via AwareIDC, as a managed service or independently.

Aware Colocation Solutions

AwareIDC: the facility that has your back 24x7x365

Aware provides state-of-the-art colocation solutions from its privately owned IDC in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Built with redundant fiber connectivity on 2 carriers using different international gateways, we ensure you have as little downtime as possible. With our data centers spread out over three continents, you can rapidly deploy a scalable, global footprint while maintaining Aware’s premium standards of security, reliability and performance.

Tailored for efficiency, we have redundant routers, firewalls and switches configured for high availability. The facility also has multi-layered security surveillance including keycards and biometric finger scanners and, to make things complete, an independent generator backed power supply. To cut your costs AwareIDC offers up a robust power per square foot ratio and allows you to leverage innovations in virtualization and high-density computing.

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    The benefits of AwareIDC colocation solutions: Driving down Costs

    In a nutshell, we are able to meet your business requirements at a lower cost than your own in-house operations. For financial and IT directors, colocation solutions provide a win-win scenario, providing cost reductions and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Moving to colocation solutions with AwareIDC you are making a conscientious and responsible decision to reduce operational cost while staying ahead of your competitors.

    • A predictable operational expense model allows you to keep control
    • No need for capital investment in expensive hardware when your business scales – Aware keeps you on the cutting edge of pioneering hardware
    • Allow your IT team to spend their valuable time on your core business
    • Leverage our equipment and avoid extra expenses like back-up generators, cooling systems and electricity bills
    • With us, you can utilize a team of world-class experts without having any employees

    A roadmap for disaster recovery:

    Colocating your IT infrastructure can add additional peace of mind in the event of natural disasters, power outage or other unexpected events that could impact your business drastically. Colocation can ensure that your off-site servers, equipment and applications will remain available and operational if the unexpected happens.

    24x7x365 monitoring and response with our managed service package.

    Our managed service package is something that we suggest to all our clients: have a team of specialists ready to deal with your problems night and day and enjoy rapid response to all major issues. This supplementary service gives you all benefits of a world-class team without the headaches.

    Your responsible choice in IT

    What sets us apart from the competition? In the face of disaster recovery and Business Continuity Planning requirements, we have tactically positioned AwareIDC in Chiang Mai, in northern of Thailand – meaning you can keep back-ups stored in case of immediate emergencies and severe weather like flooding. With round the clock surveillance, we keep our servers in a secured access facility, on generator backed independent power lines – focused on keeping your data safe.

    The choice is yours. Choose Aware.

    • A collaborative approach
    • Proven success delivering mobile solutions for consumer and enterprise clients
    • Integration expertise in software and hardware
    • A single source of accountability – no multiple vendors