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Openbravo Commerce Suite


Transform your retail business with a future-proof commerce solution

Openbravo Commerce Suite is a full end-to-end multi-channel, multi-location retail business solution. Comprehensively manage your entire value chain on one platform and architecture. So much more than before, and so much less too. A comprehensive commerce solution on less hardware, lower costs and lean infrastructure.

Openbravo Commerce Suite is the responsible choice for an ever changing retail landscape – bring all your commerce needs into one platform. Manage POS, Inventory, Financials, CRM Database, Merchandising and Analytics from one place – now, who wouldn’t want that?

The preferred multichannel commerce solution for agile retailers built on top of a truly modular cloud-ready and mobile-enabled platform.

Open Understanding: An off the shelf solution tailored to you

Openbravo Commerce Suite is Aware’s preferred retail solution as it’s completely commerce centric. It’s dedicated to you and the problems retail businesses face. Catering to needs of the medium and large retailer – from managing a few stores to a few hundred.

No business is the same, and there is no one-size fits all solution. Openbravo Commerce Suite is designed to be modular so you can have as much, or as little as you want. We modify the software to tackle the problems that inhibit your business development.

With more than a decade of focus, Openbravo Commerce Suite have developed a thorough understanding of the retail value chain and the problems you face when scaling up to new locations and sales channels.

Aware realize that legacy systems are often ingrained into a stores processes and integral to the many moving parts in a retail business. While often limited, they can still play an important role in your business. Openbravo Commerce Suite plays nicely with your current systems and processes: easily customizable and modular for a reason.

Where does Openbravo Commerce Suite fit in?

Apparel and Footwear

Boost customer satisfaction in your Apparel and Footwear retail business and prepare for store and online growth with the Openbravo Commerce Suite.

Beer, Wine and Liquor

Deal with new challenges in your Beer, Wine and Liquor multichannel retail business and position for growth.

Sporting Goods

Be agile in your Sporting Goods retail business and prepare for growth with the Openbravo Commerce Suite.

Furniture and Home Furnishings

Innovate your Furniture and Home Furnishings retail business and improve the shopping experience and better manage collections.

Health Care and Personal Beauty

Add value to your Health, Beauty and Personal Care retail business and better integrate your physical and online channels with the Openbravo Commerce Suite.

Business  and Garden Materials

Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty by making the product selection and buying process simpler and more personalized for your customers.

Open Options: Stay Ahead – Stay Agile

The future has arrived and so has the cloud. The Openbravo Commerce Cloud package contains our Openbravo Commerce Suite. In your business the futures’ demands change as frequently as your customers’.

To meet these demands Openbravo Commerce Cloud is a cloud native, future-proof insurance policy: by going cloud you are making a responsible but dedicated choice to staying ahead, staying agile and staying customer focused. Openbravo Commerce Cloud allows for easy change ups, modifications, upgrades and innovations with lower risk and lower investments.

Spend less time and energy building and maintaining IT systems and spend more time building your business. Lower your costs by running lean. With cloud there is no need for hefty IT investment and costly SAP solutions. Liberate yourself: online, offline, instore, outstore, even the county fair – the Openbravo Commerce Cloud package is ready. Cloud is the future: keep ahead of the pack in your constantly changing market.

Open Location: You’re Mobile, why isn’t your business?

Gain the full freedom to select the devices of your choice thanks to responsive mobile technology. Remove the need for expensive POS hardware and run your entire Point Of Sale from a phone or tablet.

With hardware costs at a minimum – we can provide you with a super easy pricing and licensing model with no hidden costs. By keeping our solution mobile you can open terminals faster and support growth plans during high periods – imagine being able to open a new terminal in seconds during a Christmas rush

The mobile platform allows your sales staff to assist customers – by getting key information, previous purchase details – and helping to influence their buying decisions with convenient access to up-sell and cross-sell information.

Cloud Native

Maintain your focus: Spend less time maintaining IT systems. Lower your costs: Run lean without hefty IT investment and clunky commerce solutions. Stay Ahead: Cloud is the future, maintain your lead in a constantly changing market. Innovate and Upgrade: Change, up-grade and innovate with lower risk and investment.

Mobile Ready

Flexibility: Run your POS from a mobile phone or tablet, no need for expensive hardware. Simplicity: Easy licensing and pricing model, without hidden costs. Adaptability: Sell instore, out-store, online and offline under one solution. Be Safe: Secure offline capabilities, log transactions during outages.

Embedded Analytics

Evaluate the whole pie: Gain insight in one single repository. Take action: Make the right choice for your business with detailed insights. 360 Degree Analytics: Multidimensional financial reports or detailed CRM in seconds. Integrate and Extend: Include previous reporting data or integrate with your own BI solution.


Auditing Capabilities: Track data modification with Openbravo’s Audit trail. Data Security: Manage access rights to data with user privileges. Secure Application Access: Gain access through HTTPS and authenticate users through LDAP. Functional security: Allows access to entities such as windows or processes.

Aware’s Retail Solutions powered by Openbravo

The choice is yours. Choose Aware.

  • A collaborative approach
  • Proven success delivering mobile solutions for consumer and enterprise clients
  • Integration expertise in software and hardware
  • A single source of accountability – no multiple vendors