The Power of Mobile BI

15 Aug The Power of Mobile BI

Mobile is the future, empower your staff to have all the BI data they need to make the best decisions in the least amount of time.


Looking for a solution that brings the power of business intelligence to your employee’s fingertips, anywhere and anytime?


Imagine a sales team who can check their pipeline on the go. A CEO who can do a live demonstration in meetings, off the cuff, directly from their iPhone. Or an operations manager who can monitor and optimize output in a meeting or outside of the office.


Powered by cloud technologies and BYOD workplaces, Mobile BI gives your customer orientated departments like customer service and sales the chance to input, critique and analyze data on the move. Mobile BI enables shorter response times, faster decision making and more efficient access data, resulting in a competitive advantage for your company.


1. What is Mobile BI?


Mobile Business Intelligence (BI), is the ability to access BI related data allowing you to stay flexible and make decisions on the go. Mobile BI is about making sure everyone has the access to the data they need, anytime, anywhere increasing performance from the work floor up.


2. Who is Mobile BI for?


Anyone, all decision makers or customer facing employees, from any department in any vertical. In the modern world, quick, informed decisions are required around the clock to give your business the competitive advantage. If you are location independent employee, remote worker or simply out the office – you need to access the data to make the correct choice. Everytime.


If you have employees who go to meetings, visit clients on sales calls, or simply go out the office, mobile BI will directly positively impact their work productivity.


High-level executives: Mobile BI paints a high-level picture of business performance and allows you to go into the granular details of specific departments, while you are on the go. In meetings or on the train, the data is there for quick, informed strategic choices.


Sales team: Prospect meeting postponed? Analyze your sales funnel and move on to the next deal you can close.


Marketing Team: Check the performance of your latest campaign with detailed web analytics while on the go.


Operations: Monitor quality control and product output with the click of a button. Collaborate with your colleagues and maintain the line’s performance.


Customer service: Analyze data live from a site visit or a phone calls, provide a more tailored service or move a prospect down your sales funnel.


The Breakdown, as outlined by YellowFin BI:


1. Reduce time to decision: quicken your actions and your decisions with real time data access. With data available to you at all times, your business can be more agile.


2. Make better decisions: With data on hand, on the spot – you can make evidence based decisions. Cut out “feelings” and be more confident in fact-based empirical decisions.


3. Improve performance: Goals are clearer and KPIs are in the forefront of employees mind. Gear your colleagues toward targets and performance by boosting their engagement.


4. Increase revenue: With more engaged employees making smarter, data-driven decisions, you are going to see an uplift in revenue. With mobile BI employees can look for fluctuations in data and seize opportunities as they happen.


5. Competitive advantage: You can now react in real-time wherever you are and can monitor trends as they fall out before you. The sooner you see opportunities the greater advantage you have.


If you are looking to power your business with mobile BI, speak to Aware today and one of our specialists can design a solution tailored to you.