This blog post contains some checklist for cross browser testing of application.

Is the HTML version being used compatible with appropriate browser versions?

Verify that developed application  is working on almost all browsers, specially IE, Mozilla, Chrome and Safari. Also make sure that it is working fine with different browser and OS combinations.

Is Java Code/Scripts usable by the browsers under test?

Verify that all the javascript codes are working fine across browsers.

Do images display correctly with browsers under test?

Images should be displayed correctly for all the browsers.

Have you verified that fonts are usable on any of the browsers?

If application is using custom fonts or language specific fonts, check that those fonts are working fine across browsers

Have you checked the Security Settings/Risks as they relate to each browser?

Verify that application does not have any insecure objects and application is working fine on high security settings as well

Have you verified digital certificates across multiple browsers?

If application is using any digital certificates then it should validated across browsers

Have you verified that plug-ins work with the browsers you are testing with your site?

If application is using any special plugins like java script or flash player or any activeX components verify that all the components are being installed correctly and working fine

Have you safeguarded against viewing source code?

It is recommended to encrypt the code. does your application code is encrypted?

Have you printed your site’s content from various browsers?

Verify application page printing from the browser.

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