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AWS Success Story KOCH


Incorporated in 2004, KOCH is a designer and manufacturer of high-end furniture and home décor accessories. Specializing in the Business-to-Business vertical, their client list includes some of the top 5-star hotels, resorts & spas, and boutique hotels in Thailand as well as many high-profile retail stores throughout the world.

KOCH has multiple business touchpoints with physical showrooms and stores throughout Thailand and importantly a website for global clients. Essential to their businesses is a technical infrastructure that supports their web presence, giving a great user experience for the brand, and also synchronizing seamlessly with their back-end office applications. The KOCH website is highly customized, and the development team supporting this requires advanced tools to continuously work on new features of KOCH’s bespoke solution.

Business Demands

AWS Success Story KOCH .

KOCH’s previous hosting provider was unable to meet the demands of their CMS platform and its required development environment needs. Front-end and back-end issues persisted which led to lagging load times of up to 20 seconds for customers and back-end frustrations for office staff. There was frequent downtime, errors, and crashing of the website which often required rollbacks.

KOCH needed a solution that not only met the demands of their users and employees but also could work seamlessly with their current website structure and customizations, with dynamic content running from both PHP and MySQL databases. Aware needed to find a solution that was a good fit for their backend and front-end demands and allowed the development team to continue building new functionality without restrictions.


Initially, Aware moved KOCH from their previous hosting provider to an AWS Lightsail Private Server – this immediately decreased the page loading time down to 3 - 6 seconds, improving the user experience and employee efficiency in one transition. By moving the KOCH website to a Virtual Server environment, developers were no longer restricted by cloud hosting limitations and could configure everything to suit KOCH’s highly customized website and back-office applications.

Dealing with sensitive data they also needed a robust security protocol that allowed them to securely host and manage sensitive documentation paired with high availability to allow their users to upload and download documentation effectively.

By switching to AWS Lightsail KOCH have the capability to scale up their CPU, memory, and other server specifications as and when required. This move has given them the capability to run their website and server on two different hosting environments and the capability to move to AWS RDS database as they scale.

Solution Suite

• AWS Lightsail