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Business & Enterprise Surveillance Equipment

A full suite of surveillance equipment that ensures round-the-clock monitoring, indoor and outdoor even in low-light. Aware CCTV solutions include IP compatible products for flexible location monitoring on any device, anywhere, anytime; as well as high-quality historical footage saved to your storage system.

With Aware’s CCTV solutions, you are embracing the most advanced end-to-end surveillance technology, for multi-site shopping areas, offices, banks, campuses and more.

Embracing the power of AI, Aware’s CCTV solutions harmoniously combine loss prevention, precision marketing, intelligent operations, and integrated management together into a flexible and powerful solution to secure and improve your customer’s experience.

Whatever your business’s requirements, Aware can develop a system architecture that effectively secures your operation from the shop floor to the perimeter wall.

Put CCTV & Surveillance Equipment to Work

Security and Loss Prevention:

Facial and Number Plate recognition applications prevent blacklisted people from even entering, with automatic triggers to both law enforcement and security personnel. Reduce labor costs and installation expenses with high definition panoramic images for maximum security monitoring even in low light or at night. Recorded footage can be overlaid with POS information, resolving cashier client disputes and insider fraud as well as safeguarding the Point of Sale area.

Under Vehicle Surveillance (UVSS), automatically detects vehicle undercarriages on approach across models, with entire chassis in one picture, producing high-quality images with low distortion. Perimeter protection with Normal, Deepin-view and Thermal Cameras have at least 90% automatic alarm accuracy.

All devices can be managed easily from a centralized Management System on any device, anywhere.

Precision Marketing:

The modern business is about providing omni-channel tailored experiences to the customer. What better way to provide that customized treatment to those extra special customers than VIP recognition? Our system recognizes your VIP clients and informs sales or service staff, who can put into action those little extras for those important clients – enhancing their experience – reminders can be sent by mobile app or to PC – it can also be integrated into to your existing CRM system.

Intelligent Operation:

For the business owner, or manager that’s on the go, you can now stay on top of operations remotely on your mobile device or tablet. Review historical footage, locate significant events and generally oversee the operation even if you are not on the floor.

Meeting your customers’ expectations is key to success – with store traffic analysis you can evaluate store performance and optimize your management strategy. This can be as simple as queue detection – right through to heatmapping your shop floor and analyzing footfall trends, to better merchandise your store, and Data Fusion – which evaluates customer satisfaction against store efficiency, queuing and the amount of people in the store.

Business Surveillance

Business Surveillance




Network Camera

Rendering high-quality images across a range of light and weather conditions, while minimizing your bandwidth use and storage obligations – Network Cameras are the ideal choice for hundreds of scenarios. Choose from 7 different Network Camera ranges, from entry level to high performing, panoramic, anti-corrosion and explosion proof casing.

Business Surveillance




Digital Video Recorder

Sophisticated digital video recording, has improved image quality and storing efficiency than their analog counterparts. Recording on a digital platform means there is no longer the need to convert and compress the information at a later date, plus the digital video can be backed up off-site or in the cloud easily. It also lessens the infrastructure requirement should you need to scale – with lower set-up costs and manpower hours.

With remote access capabilities it is now much easier for your team to secure your workplace without being on-site. Choose from Turbo HD DVR, Analog DVRs and ATM DVR

Business Surveillance




Thermal Cameras

Choose from 5 thermal surveillance options that deliver robust 24/7 security at your business. HikVision’s self-developed image signal processing technology captures vivid 650*512 resolution for crisper imagery, enhanced image detail, dynamic range adjustment, and reduced noise.

Automatic alerts online crossing, intrusion, and fire detection all available from a mobile device. The thermal camera range is unhindered by darkness or misty weather conditions. Thermal imaging is critical to open expansive areas like borders, coastlines, and forests as well as perimeter patrols and other demanding security environments.

Business Surveillance




Network Video Recorder

Connectable to up to 16 network cameras (including third-party cameras such as Samsung, Bosch, Panasonic, Sanyo) HikVision Network Video recorders support stable, reliable and high quality 24 MP resolutions. Embedded network video recorders offer the benefits of managing bandwidth and storage with the latest H.265+ compression technology. Ultra-high definition output up to 4k is now supported on all NVR series, from entry level to professional models.

Business Surveillance




Analog Camera

Reliable plug-and-play CCTV surveillance to secure your office or work place. Choose from DIS & PICADIS Camera and Turbo HD Camera with HD720, 1080P, 5MP, or even 4k.

Business Surveillance




Alarm Systems

Protect your perimeter and your office location with a sophisticated portfolio of wireless and wired alarms using radar, motion sensor, infrared beam and photoelectric technologies. Pole or box mount panic alarms on-site or manage through a Panic Alarm Master Station.

Business Surveillance




Enterprise Storage

The scale of your surveillance will determine the kind of storage solution you need. Aware specialize in developing tailored storage solutions to your business requirements. Contact us today to develop your cloud, off-site or on-premise storage and back-up.

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    Benefits of CCTV Surveillance

    Business Surveillance

    Monitoring & Display

    Choose from LED and LCD Splicing Screens along with standalone monitors.


    Gain quality multi-screen, functionality through HikCentral’s smart wall application with alarm notification pop-up, live view, and playback. HikCentral is HikVisions virtual remove view application an AI-powered performance platform that enables remote live view to 3000 cameras, centralized management of devices.


    • Remote Live View
    • Playback
    • Alarm Linkage


    For centralized store management, Hikvision’s Remote Site Manager (HikVision) can centrally manage all remote sites, as well as all cameras, videos and alarms – the VMS platform, can help you manage up to 1,024 sites and 100,000 cameras.


    • Central management of remote sites resources.
    • Live playback and view of remote sites cameras.
    • Respond and receive remotes sites alarms.

    Business Surveillance

    Easy and Efficient:


    • Simple device management
    • Simple alarm management
    • Simple access: Mobile / Web / Control Client
    • Efficient video search & playback


    High Scalability and Fail-Safe Mechanism:


    • 1 CMS Supports 3,000 channels
    • RSM Supports 1,024 CMS or more than 100,000 cameras
    • System health monitoring application runs real-time status checks

    Aware Security Solutions Powered by HikVision

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    • Integration expertise in software and hardware
    • A single source of accountability – no multiple vendors