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Emerge First on the Journey to Cloud:

To rapidly achieve your business outcomes on your journey to The Cloud you need a partner with the expertise and experience to ensure both a swift, safe and smooth transition, and the internal capability to guide the way once you’re there. Aware Group partner with leading cloud providers to not only migrate you – but provide a strategic roadmap on how to get the most out of this revolutionary technology.

Join our diverse ecosystem of cloud clients and benefit from our years of experience and technical competencies. We have refined our in-house process so we can unravel The Cloud’s complexities migrating, optimizing, planning and helping you achieve your business goals.

Companies like yours are finding the sooner they adopt cloud, the more prepared they are for tomorrow’s aggressive marketplace. Companies make the journey as they want a new level of scalability, infinite flexibility and the capability to embrace cutting edge technological solutions. Aware Group is here to make that very journey a safe and profitable one.

Cloud Solution
Amazon Cloud       Amazon Cloud

The Cloud Migration Roadmap:

No two businesses are identical, nor two migrations – everyone starts from their beginnings with their own vision for the future. Aware Group tailor an adoption roadmap tailored to your businesses long-term success – without the turbulence and pain that usually comes from revolutionary adoptions

Aware adopt the AIMM for the Clouds process that can precisely tackle your specific cloud challenges. Don’t let a lack of internal skill or fear of the cloud complexity stop your transition.

A: Analyze your business operations, process, and infrastructure. We define your journey to cloud with industry insights so you can achieve those critical business outcomes. We work together to paint your vision for your business’s future.


I: Identify which services and from what provider suits your requirements. Once we know your business needs, we can create a roadmap on the type of solutions and providers you will need to meet your long-term business goals.


M: Migrate your company workloads to The Cloud, adhering to best practices. We’ll support the transition of a new operating model – migrating all applications, databases, storage, and servers, transforming your infrastructure – consulting all the way.


M: Manage your entire infrastructure with 24/7 support. Once you’re in the cloud, we maintain, optimize and manage your infrastructure so you get the maximum benefit for your cloud investment.

Why do I need to adopt?

We understand transformative technologies like The Cloud are often intimidating, with lots of misconceptions and apprehension about adoption. Don’t be held back, the business benefits are real and tangible.


One of the main misconceptions is the lack of security in cloud technology. The reality is that major cloud providers are held to the highest international standards and benchmarks that far exceed virtually all data center certifications. The cloud providers we partner with are the largest and sophisticated organizations in the world: Amazon, Google, Alibaba and Microsoft – their inhouse competencies for security both in personnel expertise and technology are as secure as any on premise data center, anywhere in the world.

Cloud Disaster Recovery:

Aware Disaster Recovery Solutions utilize the power of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud and VEEAM, to provide the continuous replication of business-critical applications and infrastructure for rapid recovery in IT outage.

Cost Savings:

The pay-as-you- go model means you are only using what you need at that time. Immediately scale up for seasonal demand or down grade as required. You are no longer locked into expensive hardware or wasted man hours on maintenance and upgrades. Forget about warranties, replacements and all the manpower and skills you need just to keep your business running.

Future Proof:

Business hardware today works on a five-year life cycle (if you’re lucky) – that means it’s often outdated long before amortization. If technology doesn’t outgrow your hardware, one-day it will not be supported – rendering it almost worthless. With cloud technology you are always utilizing the best technology on the market maintained, upgraded and supported for you.

Operational Efficiency:

The Cloud is global, anywhere, anytime access which makes your team much more productive. The cloud removes any region-specific dependencies and empowers a collaborative team environment. You can now access everything you need on something as portable as a mobile device and work in Realtime with team members across the globe.


With The Cloud you can have access to new storage space in seconds, giving you the agility to respond to changes rapidly. Cloud environments have no-down time increasing your availability leading to better asset utilizations, more productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

What Can We Deploy

Aware posseses experience with all major Cloud providers and deployments: Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) to seamlessly transition you to the cloud.

We support:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Office 365
  • G Suite for Business
  • SAP Business One

And more.

And can migrate:

  • Applications to the Cloud
  • Databases to the Cloud
  • Storage to the Cloud
  • Backup to the Cloud
  • Physical Servers to the Cloud
  • Complete Data Centers to the Cloud
  • VMware to the Cloud

And more.

The choice is yours. Choose Aware.

  • A collaborative approach
  • Proven success delivering mobile solutions for consumer and enterprise clients
  • Integration expertise in software and hardware
  • A single source of accountability – no multiple vendors