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Start winning online by fine-tuning your business’s eCommerce marketing strategy with Aware.

For business owners and executives at corporations, getting consensus on a digital marketing plan is hard enough. Let alone really understanding the marketing nuances and actually implementing it. By the time all stakeholders have an agreed-upon plan, the digital dynamics have shifted; there is a new algorithm, different advertising options, or even a new marketplace or platform. It’s a never-ending struggle when you have day-to-day operations to focus on.

If you want a well oiled, in-house, digital marketing machine you’ll need to hire a team. A marketing director, a digital manager, a social media executive, a designer, a copywriter, and finally, of course, the dreaded budget. Before you know it, your expenses are gigantic and the marketing operation doesn’t make economic sense for your business.

Imagine not having the cost and stress of a fixed marketing staff on top of marketing budgetary outlay. Imagine having all these marketing skills under one umbrella, with a single touchpoint. Imagine being able to focus on the operations of your business and not worry about advertising and marketing strategies.

Cloud Solution

The Power of eCommerce expertise:

The reasons to outsource your eCommerce marketing are simple, you will decrease your fixed and variable costs, you will make more efficient use of your actually budget, you can spend more time on your business – and you will have a single touchpoint for all your marketing needs.

– Decrease your marketing expenses, by not having to hire a team of employees.
– Make more efficient use of your budget focusing it entirely on your revenue and brand
– You tell us your goals, we design and implement a plan. No more meetings, learning, and re-learning. Get to work today.
– No more fly-by-night freelancers that you need to constantly follow up with.

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    Building eCommerce Websites:

    There are a few website platforms that are tailored for eCommerce. We’d recommend looking at Magento, Shopify and WordPress as they all offer technical and functional elements tailored to eCommerce. Aware specializes in Magento developments and have a body of work in both Shopify and WordPress, depending on your needs.

    It’s important to recognize all the functions that are needed to build an eCommerce business. Not just a website that looks pretty, but actually provides you with the technology and capability your company needs.

    Capturing Visitors:

    Paid traffic is likely where you will see your most immediate results. Typically, in paid media, you are targeting users based on their browsing behavior, their search behavior, or their demographics and driving them to your product. Simply find users who are searching for or, who have an interest in, what you are selling. Aware is a Google Partner with inhouse Ad specialists.

    You can also generate traffic through content creation, blog posts and good search engine optimization (SEO). These strategies are usually more long term.

    Customer Engagement:

    Once you have a website, customers landing on your site, and hopefully sales flowing in – your marketing doesn’t just cease. This is just the beginning of your relationship with a customer. Once someone becomes a customer or client you need consistently keep feeding them engaging content that keeps them coming back growing your pool of repeat customers and their lifetime value.

    eCommerce Marketing Channels

    Digital Marketing and eCommerce marketing are not mutually inclusive, but they use many of the same strategies and techniques. eCommerce Marketing is in many ways a subset of digital marketing. A tight-knit and circular strategy across your advertising, website, and analytics that are designed to meet your goals.

    Ecommerce marketing is the consistent practice of driving traffic to your website, converting that traffic and retaining those purchases. It can be done in a number of ways:

    Affiliate Marketing
    Content Marketing
    Influencer Marketing
    Marketplace Marketing
    Social Media Marketing
    Search Engine Marketing

    Now we understand this all may sound a bit daunting. There are a lot of options and choices, but we would always recommend focusing on a couple of key channels and then refine your strategy and continuously improve your ROI.

    eCommerce Marketing

    Precise Targeting

    Precision targetting allows you to get the exact customer your business needs.

    eCommerce Marketing

    Any Device, Anywhere.

    Access advertising space on over 2 million websites, target customers while they are searching on their phone, laptop or TV – at work and at home. You pick when your ads are shown, and to whom.

    eCommerce Marketing

    Embedded Analytics

    Deep-dive analysis and integration with Google Analytics helps you understand where your budget is being spent, who’s clicking and converting and why. An eCommerce essential.

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