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Make better business choices; increase profits; iron out kinks and understand what’s really happening. Imagine having real-time insight into all departments of your business. Imagine being able to compare your financials, with your manufacturing and supply chain and see what is performing and what is not. Imagine all this and being able to analyze data you actually understand and make the correct choices.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and business process solutions, gets to the heart of much of what Aware stands for: software solutions and consultations customized to your needs, aligning your operations with industry best practices and supporting you with better process management.

A comprehensive centralized solution that manages and integrates a company’s financials, supply chain, operations, reporting, manufacturing and human resource activities.

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Aware’s number one goal is to solve any problems hindering the growth and effectiveness of your business. ERP systems assist the flow of internal business processes and allow for smoother communication between departments and their functions. Aware can consult on – and implement a bespoke solution tailored to your business requirements. ERP solutions give real-time insight into all facets of your business; lowering operational costs and risk, while increasing collaboration and efficiency. Sometimes you just need a second opinion or some outsider perspective, and our experienced consultants are on hand with guidance.

ERP solutions are designed, in essence, to make your business run smoother unifying information, and allowing total visibility for senior management. The result is better, smarter, more informed decisions for your business; used correctly, streamlining business processes, eliminating costs and increasing productivity.

Aware’s ERP solutions are in many ways a necessity for the modern business – a one-stop solution for complete business management. Organizational data is one of the valuable resources a company has, but it is often challenging viewing it or maximizing its impact. Potential insights are often lost, hidden or duplicated into a soup that cannot be leveraged into real business results. As an aside, any company looking to go public in Thailand will require ERP software implementation.

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    Why Aware?

    Aware offers industry-specific, skilled resources to help our clients keep in pace with technological innovations. As a proven large-scale system integrator and consultancy, we have a track record of delivering business services to some of the region’s largest operations and have formed powerful alliances and partnership with leading ERP solution providers.

    Competitive businesses need to stay on the cutting edge of technology, pushing forward. As the saying goes: If you are not striving to be first, one day you will be last.

    ERP Saves:

    ERP solutions are an investment in the future of your company, an investment that has been made by some of the most ambitious and successful companies in the world over the past decade.  Implementation can often be complex, but make a much better value proposition than costly subscriptions across multiple departments and users. Beyond this, no data is hidden or wasted, allowing companies to cut costs and weed out redundant processes through the insights they highlight. No matter your industry, vertical, or business size, our real-time ERP software can help connect your business.

    ERP Produces:

    One effect of centralizing information for the entire business into one system is that all departments are now connected with each other. As a result, communication becomes more efficient, sales processes are streamlined and productivity increases, users can now navigate through complex processes and operations with a click of a button – multiple solutions are no longer needed and there is a reduction in human error as contradictory data is eliminated.

    ERP Perspective:

    The top-down lens gives the key decisions makers complete visibility about the business. They can see critical data easily as statistics and graphs all sourced from the real-time data. With this perspective, management can make more informed decisions, with mission-critical insight. ERP outperforms other software systems as it is one central pool. If you are relying on different solutions per-department, or solutions that require employee interference, data can get lost or tainted, and therefore, the results and insights will be less powerful.

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