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Let Aware shine a light on your data and help you make sense of it.

Aware’s Business Intelligence and Data Analysis solutions takes your business data and turns it into actionable insights that you can make sense of.

Business Intelligence lets you get answers to your business questions that your data is presenting to you.  It puts decision driven data at the forefront of your business decisions.  With Aware’s Business Intelligence solutions there is no more stumbling around in the dark, or trying things just to see what works and what doesn’t.

If Business Intelligence is asking questions of your data, data visualisation is getting the answers.  Aware’s data visualisation solutions let you turn complex data into easy to understand dashboards and reports.

Aware’s Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation Solutions work seamlessly together to let your data tell its story.  Once you understand what your data is saying you can start to make real actionable changes to improve results.

Business IntelligenceBusiness Intelligence

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    Choose The Best BI Tool For Your Business

    Yellowfin lets you use your data to create great looking dashboards.  Tell compelling stories with your data, and have complete 360 real-time monitoring of your business.

    Power BI lets you and your staff discover the hidden meaning behind your data.  Enterprise grade big data analytical and reporting solutions across your entire business, and all your devices.

    Why Your Business Should Choose Power BI

    Power BI helps make big data and data visualisation easy to understand.  You can easily create powerful and great looking dashboards straight out of the box.

    • Self-service and modern BI in the Cloud.
    • Collaborate, publish and share your data in the cloud.
    • Works across all your devices.
    • Starting from as little as $9.99.

    Power BI brings your data to life with rich dashboards

    Power BI
    Instagram’s 2017 year in review
    Power BI
    King County Library System readership for Seattle
    Power BI
    Hospitality insights for New York City

    Yellowfin lets your data tell its story and for you to easily take action.

    Business Intelligence
    Create reports from trusted data sources.
    Business Intelligence
    Let your data tell you its story.
    Business Intelligence
    Easily collaborate on reports.

    Why Your Business Should Choose Yellowfin

    Yellowfin helps your business create a modern BI solution and reporting suite that your clients will love to use.  Create great looking data reports, dashboards and analytical apps straight out the box.

    • Create rich and easy to use dashboards with little coding required.
    • Create integrated presentations and reports that tell data stories.
    • Lets users and analysts easily collaborate together on the data.
    • Works across all your devices.

    Aware Brings You The Best BI Solutions for All Business Types

    Depending on your business size and requirements, Aware has a BI solution that’s perfect for your business and industry.

    With Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation now in the cloud, you don’t need a complete data analysis team to get results.

    Both Power BI and Yellowfin save you time and money.  With no need for expensive technical support or additional infrastructure or hardware.

    Just plug in your data and get started.

    Both of Aware’s Business Intelligence solutions take full advantage of the cloud.  With a cloud based BI solution and visualization tool, you are no longer limited to querying data on your own machine.

    Take advantage of the cloud now and really start to ask the hard questions of your data by performing real-time complex queries, unrestricted from the limitations of running BI solutions locally.

    Aware Business Intelligence Consultation and Configuration

    Aware Group provides consultation, configuration and implementation of your chosen BI solution to your business environment.  This allows you to get the answers you have been missing from your data.

    The choice is yours. Choose Aware.

    • A collaborative approach
    • Proven success delivering mobile solutions for consumer and enterprise clients
    • Integration expertise in software and hardware
    • A single source of accountability – no multiple vendors