Business Intelligence

The Health Care Industry

Yellowfin delivers insight into your healthcare data so you can make smarter decisions for your organization.

From clinicians to accounts staff, Business Intelligence increases profitability and efficiency broadly across departments. Your healthcare organization relies heavily on your ability to make the correct decisions at the right time. In order to make these, you need both the best data and best method of comprehension. This is where Yellowfin Business Intelligence comes in.

Business Intelligence Addresses 4 Key Questions:

  • What is happening?
  • Why is it happening?
  • What should be done about it?
  • What does the future look like?

What is BI for healthcare?

Business Intelligence refers to the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of business information data, with the one purpose: to allow you to make more informed decisions. Progressive healthcare organizations realize that BI is at the center of informed, precise decision making that will improve patient support and service outcomes.

Today’s healthcare businesses are generating more data than ever, while key information is often lost in the cloud of numbers. With Yellowfin BI you can unhaze the fog. When done correctly, healthcare organizations can analyze clinical, business, and operational data for decision-making purposes.

Yellowfin BI liberates your processes, allowing personalized and secure access to confidential information, while enabling you to act anywhere. Empower your field clinicians to track and improve service and monitor client KPI’s from a mobile device. Actively utilize the data processed to drive disease management, outcome management, clinical performance and cost & waste reduction initiatives.

Benefits of BI of Healthcare:

  • Reduced Time to Information: Analytics on your phone, anywhere. Having your analytics available on your mobile device gives you access to your data and performance.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: React in real-time wherever you are, you gain significant advantage of your competition.
  • Increased Revenue: With more engaged employees and the ability to make smarter decision you are going to see an increase in business performance.
  • Improved Decision Making: No more reliance on what people feel, with all decisions backed by empirical data.
  • Reduced Time to Decision: See access in trends as they happen enabling your business to react faster.

Clinical applications

Patient safety and quality of care can be documented and tracked to uncover unsafe or substandard practices. This information can then be used to identify areas where healthcare professionals may need additional training or where stricter regulations and procedures should be put in place.

Financial applications

Doctors’ surgeries and hospitals are beginning to use Business Intelligence tools to track billing errors. There are a multitude of systems that collate patient and treatment information within hospitals to establish what services and procedures should be included in a claim. BI tools can be used to match charges with outgoing claims to reduce the number of billing errors by identifying what type of errors are occurring, and in which bills and billing systems, to decrease the number of denied claims.

Operational applications

A Business Intelligence tool can integrate data from multiple operational systems to produce reports that allow hospitals to gain greater insight into their operating environment. Gain insights into all elements of your value chain to give your processes a check-up of their own or optimize for maximum efficiency.

The choice is yours. Choose Aware.

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  • Integration expertise in software and hardware
  • A single source of accountability – no multiple vendors