Business Intelligence

The Retail Industry

Understand your data. Understand your business.

As a retailer, you are generating incredible amounts of useful, quantifiable and actionable information that is simply going to waste. Just think of all your transactions involving suppliers, customers, and sale personnel – and all the useful insights that they could uncover. Imagine the benefits you could reap with all this data compiled in an easy to understand visual format for quick, effective, decision making.

Yellowfin seamlessly integrates with your current ERP, POS and other data set systems to create a single, trustworthy, compilation of all your data. Develop successful, high ROI campaigns, by effortlessly tracking and analyzing traffic and sales data. Tailor your product line and stock inventory by monitoring seasonal buying patterns and returns by product type, customer, store, and region. But Yellowfin still isn’t done, once revenue is on the up, iron out the kinks with real-time supply chain analysis from order through to delivery.

Visualizing the Big Picture:

It’s time to move away from the endless spreadsheets and reports without insight. Leave the single department reporting and reviewing information in a vacuum – it’s time for a new age. Embrace the latest in interactive data analytics. Understand all aspects of your business operation in real-time and importantly how they work together for a seamless customer interaction.

Identify Trends:

Analyzing information from across different departments is going to teach you new, exciting things about how your customers interact with your promotions, how your products perform seasonally and where is the best location for those hard to sell items. Yellowfin BI is your businesses crystal ball to what happens next.

The Nitty Gritty Made Easy:

Efficiency boosting insights in your marketing, supply chain and inventory departments. Complex data is fine tunes and crunched to discover downtime and redundancies. Get yourself on a winning strategy for next season and reduce costs in the process. Maximize your profitability and stay ahead of the competition.

The choice is yours. Choose Aware.

A collaborative approach
Proven success delivering mobile solutions for consumer and enterprise clients
Integration expertise in software and hardware
A single source of accountability – no multiple vendors