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Instantly Place on Google; Capture High-Quality Traffic & Qualified Leads.

Google Ads is the fast-track to both marketing success and tangible business results. Hands down the fastest, easiest, and most trackable way to get hot leads into your sales funnel ready to convert. Place your business on Google instantly!

Google Ads gets your business in front of high-intent buyers who are actively searching for your offering. No more untargeted, intrusive adverts that only annoy users and waste budget. With tailored targeting Aware can hone-in on your core demographic precisely, capture whom you want, when you want, where you want. Google Ads allows you to cut through the fat of marketing demographics and precisely carve out your target customer from the crowd and position your brand away from the noise. You can do this in two ways: focusing on people searching for your offering through Google and placing yourself in their search results; or displaying your attention-grabbing adverts where your core buying market are reading, watching and browsing online.

Plus, with Google Ads, you only pay for real tangible traction, unlike conventional advertising in papers, on TVs or on billboards, with Google Ads you only pay for the visitors who actually click on your advert or view it online. Tapping into these huge pools of quality traffic means you can test rigorously, enabling you to transparently analyze data and make the choices that give you a more powerful business impact and improved ROI.

Openbravo Commerce Suite

Powering you to business profitability:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”. – John Wanamaker. 

The above analogy is a marketing classic, and in a previous time, marketers really didn’t know where the successes and failures of a campaign lay. Google Ads changed this entire dynamic, businesses are now informed about marketing success through full transparency in a campaign – if a certain keyword phrase or market demographic is not making the desired impact, you can simply remove that keyword or advert and try another. This type of flexibility means you can literally turn internet traffic on and off as you choose and tests many different strategies without blowing your entire marketing budget.

The ability to evaluate your customer’s browsing, search and conversion patterns will help all sales and marketing functions of your business. You can now create more concise, incisive content, more powerful presentations and more relevant handouts and whitepapers. Google Ads provides you with a real, tangible, unbiased evaluation of your customer’s habits and requirements – the types of details previous generations could only dream about.

From a branding perspective, you can now leverage the largest publications and most relevant blogs for pennies on the dollar. Google’s Display Network now has a reach of over 2 million websites and the days of the spending tens-of-thousands of dollars on multi-page spreads within printed publications is all but over. You can now get that same branding impact through sophisticated retargeting and standard display advertising for a fraction of previous costs.

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    Aware are a Certified & Verified Google Ads Partner:

    Aware Group are a trusted Google Ads Partner. Working with us means you are working with a team of skilled and certified marketers and creatives who are passionate about your business’s marketing impact.

    Aware see creativity and technology as two-sides of the same coin. With this in mind, we approach a successful marketing recipe differently to other agencies. Our technology background provides us with the technical skills to precisely evaluate your target market, and the analytical skills to help you get the most for your budget. Our creative capabilities give your business that wow-factor, drawing eyeballs and getting those customer inquiries rolling in.

    We have levels of experience and scope that are not always attainable outside of pure marketing agencies and the cost of attaining these accreditations, hiring the skilled staff as well as maintaining your Google Ads account often means that it is not practical. With Aware we manage your account carefully, rigorously testing, adapting and pushing your business forward.

    Managed AdWords

    Targeted Demographics

    The ability to precisely target your key buying demographic is central to a successful marketing campaign. Google Ads provides businesses with the opportunity to target the people they want, on any device, anywhere in the world.

    Managed AdWords

    Any Device, Anywhere.

    Access advertising space on over 2 million websites, target customers while they are searching on their phone, laptop or TV – at work and at home. You pick when your ads are shown, and to whom.

    Managed AdWords

    Embedded Analytics

    Deep-dive analysis and integration with Google Analytics helps you understand where your budget is being spent, who’s clicking and converting and why.

    Aware Digital Solutions Powered by Google Ads

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