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Turn data into opportunity with Power BI.

Microsoft’s Power BI is a business analytics solution that turns chaotic data into insights; driving action and better business decision making across your organization.

Integrates seamlessly with all your favorite business applications for the most accurate and current data. The inclusive, intuitive UX enables everyone from c-level executives to entry-level employees to make confident actionable decisions.

Putting data at the forefront of your decision-making process enhances your workplace dynamic, providing a marked competitive advantage by increasing decision making accuracy.

Utilizing Business Intelligence (BI) allows you to ask the deep questions and get meaningful, concise and actionable answers.

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    Discover which Power Bi is right for your business.

    Power BI Pro

    A fully cloud serviced solution, with no on premise capability. Power BI Pro is licensed per user and comes built-in with all Office 365 Enterprise E5 licenses.

    Power BI Premium

    Power BI is licensed by organization per dedicated cloud compute – providing enterprise-grade BI and big data analytics – with in the cloud or on-premise capabilities.

    Power BI Mobile

    Securely access and view live Power BI dashboards on any device with native apps for Windows, iOS, and Android or simply stay in the know with personalized notifications.

    Why Your Business Should Choose Power BI Pro

    Users will be able to utilize a maximum storage space of 10GB, peer to-peer sharing and App workspace that allows users to collaborate and share content with other Power BI Pro users.

    • Fully managed by Microsoft.
    • Self-service and modern BI in the Cloud.
    • Collaborate, publish and share.
    • Starting from as little as $9.99.

    Why Your Business Should Choose Power BI Premium

    Power BI Premium offers advanced, self-service data preparation enabling high-level data scientists and analysts to accelerate the delivery of insight and collaborate with ease.

    Share with anyone, inside or outside your organization without purchasing individual licenses with 100TB of storage and increase data accuracy with up to 48 data refreshes per day.

    • Meet data residency requirements by deploying cloud solutions where you choose.
    • Paginated reports provide a fixed layout for printing and archiving.

    Why Your Business Should Choose Power BI Mobile

    It’s touch screen enabled user interface allows you to annotate reports and draw focus to your team’s new insights live in the report.

    Power BI mobile keeps you up-to-date with KPIs, reporting and gives you a 360-degree view of your business on the go.

    Power BI brings your data to life with rich dashboards

    Power BI
    Instagram’s 2017 year in review
    Power BI
    King County Library System readership for Seattle
    Power BI
    Hospitality insights for New York City

    Power BI had change how business analytics is done.

    As businesses grow it becomes more and more challenging to manage, interpret and make decisions based on the data you are generating. In the past, this meant Business Intelligence or Data Science at scale was fragmented, inefficient and costly.

    Relying on inaccurate and out of date external data sources, clunky software solutions, and unappealing reporting. All of this forced decision-makers into choices based on partial information.

    Not only was this method inaccurate in its output it was exceptionally resource intensive, requiring a team of dedicated developers, and a host of hardware and software to get the results you wanted.

    Power BI is an innovative cloud-based analysis tool usable for everyone

    When building a data first workplace culture it’s essential that the building blocks of accurate up-to-date data are easily accessible.

    Use Power BI to create a data culture in your organization, with full collaboration capabilities across devices, giving you anywhere, anytime, access to real-time data when you need it most.

    Power BI has democratized business intelligence, putting the capability into the hands of everyone in your organization.

    Create powerful presentations and reports to bring your data to life with immersive interactive graphs and charts that can be embedded or securely shared across your organization.

    Find and share the insights that matter with hundreds of image-rich data visualization options, built-in AI and tight Excel integration to make the whole process a cinch.

    Ensure accurate, real-time information is used by seamlessly unifying data from 100s of sources with up-to-the-minute data.

    Power BI seamlessly connects to the business world’s most popular applications including the complete Office 365 Suite, Twitter, MailChimp, G Suite and more. When building a data first workplace culture it’s essential that the building blocks of accurate up-to-date data are easily accessible.

    Power BI

    One BI Solution for All Businesses

    Lower your costs, complexity, and risk with an end-to-end business analytics platform that scales from individuals to multi-national corporations.

    There is no need for capital expenditure on infrastructure and hardware, nor the hiring of specialized technical support – Power BI integrates with your current business environment.

    Leveraging the most powerful cloud technology means that you no longer have frustrating speed constraints ensuring all data is readily available and retrievable for analysis when you need it.

    Not everyone in your team needs the full business overview that Power BI can offer, customized dashboards can be broken down by department or operations depending on the exact needs of the user.

    Aware Consultation and Configuration

    Aware Group does not just provide licenses for Power BI solutions, but full consultation, configuration and implementation – pairing your BI to your business, to get the answers you need.

    The choice is yours. Choose Aware.

    • A collaborative approach
    • Proven success delivering mobile solutions for consumer and enterprise clients
    • Integration expertise in software and hardware
    • A single source of accountability – no multiple vendors