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Aware eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce, Corporate Branding and Online sales, all in one.

Over the years Aware has incubated, managed and developed successful eCommerce projects on multiple platforms soup-to-nuts. From simple Shopify and WordPress sites to robust Magento and Openbravo projects we have worked across the full spectrum of eCommerce specific CMSs.

Online to offline, and back again – we can cater to you.

Aware eCommerce Solutions

At Aware, we’re always on the surf

Testing, evolving and defining best practices as we go, we take pride in our efforts launching pixel perfect eCommerce designs. We not only strategize and implement the best in business technology, our in-house testing team rigorously tests every step of the way. Aware follows a regime of strict technical protocols for web design and architecture and outlines progressive SEO concepts to ensure all our sites are designed to capture maximum traffic and conversions generating sales for you.

Over the years eCommerce has earned its stripes. It is a proven platform, actively used and purchased on, and while in the South East Asian region eCommerce is in its relative infancy, the climate is rapidly changing and is quickly catching up with the western world. There is an engaged, diverse and expanding consumer base and it is only a matter of time until eCommerce websites explode onto the virtual landscape.

At Aware you can rely on cutting edge, in-house talent to manage your marketing, design and web development. Creatives, technicians and engineers alike, all of whom apply their know-how to your project.

Aware eCommerce Solutions

Corporate Identity & Branding

Your brand is your personal calling card to a marketplace. This isn’t a notion to be expressed whimsically. It should drive everything you make, all you do and everything you say. When done the right way, you breathe your brand. After all, it is what defines you and your company.

When people purchase from you, you are getting a vote. It’s a personal vote of confidence that they identify with your company. They resonate with your brand, how it behaves, sounds and looks. If you are selling a necessity product, you need a powerful brand to stand out from the crowd – if it’s an aspirational product you need a strong brand, just so people care.

How can a consumer be expected to recognise your brand values if they are not expressed consistently and powerfully? At Aware we do just that. We ask simple questions. What is your voice? What do you stand for? With that information we set off to provide you with a complete corporate identity & branding package.

The choice is yours. Choose Aware.

  • A collaborative approach
  • Proven success delivering mobile solutions for consumer and enterprise clients
  • Integration expertise in software and hardware
  • A single source of accountability – no multiple vendors