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Founded in 2004, DDS International Language Services Co., Ltd (www.seetefl.com) is a leading operator in Northern Thailand for the training, certifying, and placing of English first language speakers.

Training over 2000 students, from over 40 countries, such broad geography of students often means the SEE TEFL website is the first touchpoint for many of the prospects.

Teaching and education is a competitive vertical in the region, with many language schools offering various teaching certificates and placements. It is essential then, that SEETEFL’s website performance and usability give candidates confidence in the quality and trustworthiness of the business.

Business Demands

SEE TEFL Case Study .

SEE TEFL had their website redeveloped by Aware, during this process we decided to reevaluate a lot of the technology SEE TEFL was utilizing and see where it could be improved.

SEE TEFL were using a traditional VPS style hosting, which impacted the performance of the website, limiting capacity, increasing downtime, outages and generally being a less secure platform than a cloud-backed solution. This, combined with aging hardware meant that in order to meet the expectations of their client-base we needed a more modern, sophisticated, and higher performing solution.

For SEE TEFL, website performance was paramount, they wanted the website to be as fast and reliable as possible. We also wanted the security of consistent, cloud-based backups for disaster prevention

Aware also provided ongoing website support to SEE TEFL, so wanted to change the technology to make the ongoing work as efficient as possible.


During the website redevelopment, we wanted to implement new processes that would both make our work more efficient and increase the performance of critical functions on the SEE TEFL website. As such, we changed the SEE TEFL production and UAT hosting environments to both run on Amazon EC2, enabling us to swiftly make changes based on SEE TEFL’s requirements.

EC2 improved the performance, speed, and general usability of the site – the capability for us to scale up capacity as required brought down downtime and ensures that the user experience is always optimal a requirement for a visitor base from so many time zones.

By placing backups in the cloud, we are ensuring the overall security of the operation, and bringing it in line with more contemporary technologies.

Solution Suite

• Amazon EC2