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No matter what tomorrow brings, with the Cloud – you’re ready:

A proactive, disaster recovery plan safeguards your company, your customers and your future. Its Implementation could save your business.

You never know when disaster will strike and tomorrow’s world needs you to come prepared – no matter the situation. To ensure you’re equipped a fully integrated and holistic disaster recovery procedure that is reliable and affordable is not only smart but essential.

Even relatively minor outages can put your business at a competitive disadvantage; lost productivity, trust, reputation, and opportunity.

Cloud Solution
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Responsible Disaster Recovery

Central to Disaster Recovery is ensuring it encompasses your entire infrastructure, all business-critical data, systems, desktops, and servers – everything you need to keep your business going. All of this mission-critical data must be fully recoverable enabling you to continue business operations without losing any data and experiencing minimal downtime.

Your strategy needs to be impregnable, accounting for all the facets of your operation and consider disasters of all scopes: flood, fraud, cyberattacks or simply human error.

While the breadth of potential disasters the negatively impact your business is wide. It is usually centered around two questions:

  • How much critical data loss in unacceptable? This is your RPO or recovery point objective.
  • How much time does it take to recover? This is your RTO or recovery time objective.

The Solutions:

Typically, there are three options to ensure business continuity and an uninterrupted flow of critical processes across your organization in the face of a disaster: (1) An on-premise disaster recovery solution via a data-center – which can be managed internally or externally. (2) A cloud backed recovery solution, typically with a managed service provider (3) Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) – a fully offsite subscription-based solution.

Many factors are evaluated when selecting if your business should go with an on-premise Disaster Recovery Solution, a Cloud Based Solution or a DRaaS.


On-premise solutions can be expensive, substantial upfront capital expense in implementation and hardware. Is your business in a position to justify its own on-premise disaster recovery solution? Which would usually lie idle for prolonged periods, costing your business money.

Ongoing costs of maintenance can be burdensome but are essential for sustaining the integrity of the disaster recovery solution. Also consider on-premise disaster recovery hardware and infrastructure is a financially depreciating asset, that needs to be replaced or upgraded continuously throughout its lifespan. The technology itself also inevitably depreciates in business value as more businesses migrate to cloud solutions and staff turnover requires that employees be retrained on outdated technologies.

Storing the totality of your data on-premise, without any off-site back up maybe leave your business uncompliant with BCP and legal regulations. Some industries and businesses are legally obligated to have off-site backups to protect them against network and office disasters. Data loss is more likely to occur, where the on-premise location is the sole storage facility and the impacted place.

Even in the face of all these challenges and limitations – if your business does not want to migrate to cloud disaster recovery, but also doesn’t want to incur the financial burden of an on-premise solution, you could also consider utilizing an off-premise, but conveniently located data center with disaster recovery utilized via VPS.

Cloud Disaster Recovery:

Aware Disaster Recovery Solutions utilize the power of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud and VEEAM, to provide the continuous replication of business-critical applications and infrastructure for rapid recovery in IT outage.

Aware’s Cloud Managed Backup Service means we take care of all your disaster recovery protocols, including backup scheduling, maintenance, and upgrades. We partner with the leading cloud providers to continuously backup your infrastructure no matter the source, completely in the background, so your business is never disrupted.

We utilize The Cloud technology of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform to backup data, applications and other essential resources. Those resources can then be restored to on-premise infrastructures, hot sites or cloud locations when a disaster occurs via Veeam or another replication solution.

Since all your data is hardware-independent your entire infrastructure can be transferred safely in seconds. Dramatically reducing your recovery times and helping your business meet its RTOs.

The initial capital expenditure and ongoing costs are significantly reduced as cloud solutions don’t require upfront hardware expense or on-going maintenance and staff. You will avoid being locked into any fixed technology, but instead, have a flexible solution that can be scaled up or down as your backup demands require.

Disaster Recovery Hot Sites:

If your office or data center becomes inoperable Aware can provide a hot site to continue operations. We support you with all the equipment you need to continue your operation: a fully functional data center, hardware, software, full office operationally ready with furniture and equipment.

Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS).

DRaaS is a monthly subscription-based model that encompasses all facets of disaster recovery in one solution. DRaaS does not only backup and maintain workload data and applications but enables your organization to have Hot Site failovers in The Cloud – that is accessible anywhere with internet access.

DRaaS works on enterprise-grade hardware and software and is designed for worst-case scenarios, where your data is compromised and the access to your on-premise hardware or application is lost. DRaaS creates a mirror of your entire operating environment in The Cloud, absolutely everything – that is instantly available. DRaaS adoption can be the critical difference in time and data loss between keeping your organization up and running and not – especially in the face of the most impactful and critical failures.

The choice is yours. Choose Aware.

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