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Your journey to the Cloud is not an ‘if’, but a when a ‘when and how’.

To guide you on this journey Aware have partnered with Amazon Web Services to support your transition. AWS is as complex as it is powerful; designing, optimizing and managing AWS deployments and environments requires skill, experience, and personnel – a support and knowledge structure that is a luxury to most companies. Aware breaks down these technological barriers for your bridge to the cloud, allowing you to focus on your business and its results.

Amazon Cloud  Amazon Cloud

Aware Group is a certified Standard Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services. We are recognized by Amazon to help customers of all sizes to design, architect, build, migrate and manage their workloads and applications on Amazon’s Cloud platform. Aware possess the necessary skills, accreditations, certifications, and knowledge to support and consult on your move to AWS.

Cloud Solution

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    How Can AWS Help My Business?

    AWS Cloud provides a broad set of infrastructure services, including computing power for applications, storage options, back-up & recovery, networking, and databases. All of these are available within seconds, delivered on demand with pay-as-you-go pricing. AWS provides a simple, highly efficient and cost-effective way to access all of these services conducted entirely over the internet with a few simple clicks. With Aware as a Managed Service Provider, we handle all the technical elements of your deployment while Amazon has taken on all the costs in purchasing, maintaining and supporting the hardware.

    Regardless if you’re running large, resource-intensive applications or simply supporting the operations that help your business function – AWS supports you by providing rapid access to flexible, low cost IT resources. With AWS you can access everything you need – deploy it almost instantly, only paying for what you use.

    Amazon Web Services consists of a broad set of over 50 products and services across 60 availability zones and 20 geographic regions – optimizing your application’s performance. Join millions of users who are currently utilizing the power of AWS to build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability. AWS is trusted by the largest corporations and the most trending start-ups to power an ever-growing variety of workloads and applications.

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    The Benefits of AWS Cloud:

    Trade capital expense for variable expense:

    Extensive capital investment will be required in developing your data centers before you really know how much capacity you will need. All of these investments are incurred before you consider employees, maintenance, and extra expenses. Instead of having to invest heavily in unknown quantities, worry about downtime, compounded by maintenance and support expenses – choose AWS.

    Benefit from massive economies of scale:

    By leveraging the power of the AWS Cloud platform, you can achieve lower variable costs than is possible through independent work. Higher economies of scale are achieved by pooling the usage from hundreds of thousands of customers and leveraging it to lower your cost.

    Stop guessing capacity:

    When you make a capacity decision prior to a deploying an application, you either end up sitting on costly idle resources or being restricted by limited capacity – with AWS Cloud these issues go away. You can access as much as you require, or as little as is needed and scale up and down with ease almost instantly.

    Increased Responsive and Speed:

    A cloud computing environment means that your business is only a click away from new IT resources. Cut down development time from weeks to minutes, directly reduce costs and time to market; while increasing agility and capacity.

    Stop wasting resources:

    Focus on the projects that make a tangible difference to your business, not the infrastructure that supports it. Stop maintaining, racking and stacking servers, cloud computing gives you the time to focus on your customers.


    Security provided by major public Cloud providers achieving globally recognized security certifications that exceed all standard data center certifications.

    AIMM for the Clouds:

    We know the pitfalls and dilemmas business face when they are considering the switch over to cloud technology. Aware possess implementation and consultation capabilities to tackle your cloud challenge precisely. Don’t let a lack of internal skill sets or the complexity of the Cloud stop you from taking advantage of this infinitely flexible platform.


    Analyze your business operations, processes, and infrastructure.


    Identify which service suits your business requirements.


    Manage your data with on-going 24/7 support from certified cloud specialists.


    Migrate your company workload to the Cloud, adhering to best practices.

    Aware Cloud Solutions Powered by Amazon Web Services

    The choice is yours. Choose Aware.

    • A collaborative approach
    • Proven success delivering mobile solutions for consumer and enterprise clients
    • Integration expertise in software and hardware
    • A single source of accountability – no multiple vendors