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Outsource your IT to Thailand today

Outsource your IT to Aware today and join some of the leading companies in the region. Aware is regarded as a leader in outsourced IT services, assisting the largest telecoms, banking and technology firms Thailand has.

By choosing us, you are making a conscious choice to cutting your recruitment costs while increasing your talent. Our consultants help you achieve your project objective through the appropriate use and implementation of services:

  • Application development and support
  • Business analysis
  • Database design, administration, and maintenance
  • eBusiness and web applications
  • Management consulting
  • Project management
  • Software quality assurance and testing

Our rigorous recruitment program ensures the highest-caliber software engineers and IT specialists are available for your short and long-term projects. Click here for Employee of Record services.

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    Cut your costs

    By staffing only for your current needs, you keep long-term technology development and support expenses under control.

    Flexible resource allocation

    When you work with Aware’s experienced consultants, you can select the specific skill sets required while allocating your internal resources where they are most needed and most effective. If you have seasonal or cyclical demands, Aware can bring in additional resources when needed and release them when you’re done. The end result is optimized productivity.

    Immediate Productivity

    Depending on the project at hand, your staff may need additional expertise on new technologies or platforms. Utilizing Aware’s consultants, who are already skilled in a wide-range of software platforms, allows you to move ahead rapidly, and meet aggressive project targets.

    The choice is yours. Choose Aware.

    • A collaborative approach
    • Proven success delivering mobile solutions for consumer and enterprise clients
    • Integration expertise in software and hardware
    • A single source of accountability – no multiple vendors