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Office 365 is the new standard for productive office tools. A small or medium-sized business can no longer work efficiently using the outmoded Office 2007 and Office 2010; these legacy versions lack the speed and flexibility of cloud technology and multi-device access.


If you value the time of your team, give them the tools that perform to the standards of 2016.


Office 365

Available Plans

Office 365

Business Essentials


Online versions of Office with email and video conferencing




  • Email with 50 GB mailbox
  • 1 TB file storage and sharing
  • HD video conferencing
  • Office Online
Office 365



Full Office on PC/Mac with apps for tablets and phones




  • Email not included
  • 1 TB file storage and sharing
  • Full, installed Office on PC/Mac
  • Office apps on tablets and phones
Office 365

Business Premium


All the features of Business Essentials and Business in one integrated plan




  • Email with 50 GB mailbox
  • 1 TB file storage and sharing
  • HD video conferencing
  • Full, installed Office on PC/Mac
  • Office apps on tablets and phones


Business Essentials


Business Premium

Online versions of Office including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Unlimited online meetings, IM and HD video conferencing. Includes Skype for Business app
File storage and sharing with 1 TB storage per user
Business class email, calendar, and contacts with a 50 GB inbox per user
Office on tablets and phones for the full, installed Office experience on up to 5 tablets and 5 phones per user
Corporate social network to help employees collaborate across departments, locations, and business apps
Professional digital storytelling tools to create interactive reports, presentations, and more
User maximum300300300
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What we love about Office 365:


Office 365 is in many ways superior to its outdated predecessors Office 2007 and 2010; here are some of the features that will make your team more productive with Office 365:


  • You can access all the applications online. From any device.
  • Updates are free. Office 365 says goodbye to the slow update process at each workstation. The cloud keeps your system up to date on autopilot so you’ll always have the latest version.
  • Office 365 is designed for fast-paced change. Scale up or down with ease.
  • You get OneDrive for cloud storage. No more sharing documents through email or over an intranet. OneDrive makes collaboration fast and easy by allowing your team to access, edit and share documents across Windows PC, Mac, iPad,
  • Windows tablet and smartphone.



Only need email?


Not every company needs a complete suite of productivity tools. For some, the reliable sending of messages is enough. Do you just want email accounts for your people? We have a competitive price for Exchange Online; Microsoft’s secure email solution with 24-hour phone support.


As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Aware Corporation can offer you an Office 365 subscription at a very competitive price. You can get all your cloud-based office tools for just a minor fee per user.




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    MicrosoftPower your Business with Windows 10


    Windows 10 is developed for the multi-device workforce. It supports touch screens on tablets and laptops, without betraying its keyboard-and-mouse heritage, making it easy for your team to transition from older versions of Windows.


    Thanks to Windows 10, no matter where your people spend their time - on the road or in the office – they can continue working on all their devices. Windows 10 is the proven tool for ongoing productivity in your business.


    WARNING: Windows has ended mainstream support for older operating systems. If you are still using Windows XP or Windows Vista for Windows 7 without extended support, you expose your business to serious risk. There is a significant chance of hackers stealing your data, or worse, the data of your clients.


    Operating SystemMainstream SupportExtended Support
    Windows XPNo Longer SupportedEnded
    Windows VistaNo Longer SupportedSupport Ends April 2017
    Windows 7No Longer SupportedSupport end January 2020

    Which version of Windows gives you the best value for money?

    We recommend Windows 10 Pro for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers a familiar environment, but with enterprise-grade security and flexibility. Windows 10 Pro includes the following features:


    • The Start-menu is back, with similarities to Windows 7.
    • Continuum displays your apps and content beautifully in all modes and devices.
    • Microsoft Edge and the familiar Internet Explorer 11 are the built-in browsers for easy reading, sharing, and getting things done.
    • Windows Apps give you a comfortable Office experience, the new Windows Store apps, and business solutions for SMBs.
    • Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport are a two-factor passport alternatives that support fingerprint, facial, and iris-based recognition. You can use this feature if you have the required hardware.
    • Enterprise Data Protection makes it easier to separate data and to contain corporate data.
    • Trusted Boot is hardware-based virtualization to isolate processes from the system, so they cannot be tampered with.
    • Conditional Access prevents untrustworthy devices from gaining access.

    For larger companies, we recommend Windows 10 Enterprise. Today, security is more important than ever, while staff have to stay productive on the go. This combined challenge is met with new functionality. Window 10 Enterprise build on the functionality the Pro version, with these additional features:


    Credential Guard prevent Pass the Hash attacks, where attackers steal identities of network users.


    Azure Active Directory Join makes logins and passwords easier to manage.


    Device Guard prevents malware, untrusted apps and executables from running on devices.


    Mobile Device Management lets businesses take advantage of cloudbased MDM solutions to manage all your devices with a single console.


    Dynamic provisioning and in-place upgrade preserving data and settings, as well as updating apps and drivers when possible.

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    Make your Servers more Cost-Effective with Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows 2012

    Virtualize your environment and handle 'big data' easily, at little cost


    The key to having your servers scale fast is to have them running in a virtualized environment. With a virtualized environment, your server environment is always of the right size.


    With Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows 2012, you can virtualize your servers with HyperV. Besides giving you fast scalability, it boosts the amount of physical memory available. The new feature of Data Deduplication frees up 100s of gigabytes. Your servers can now handle ‘big data’ easily, at little cost. This new release of Windows Server makes your infrastructure ready for the future of private and public clouds.


    The design of Windows Server 2012 and Windows 12 was driven by the themes of:


    • continuous availability
    • cost efficiency
    • management efficiency


    Are you putting your business at risk?


    WARNING: Microsoft no longer supports end-of-life products like Windows Server 2003; this means no updates or security patches. If you are still using it, you expose your business to unnecessary risks. You can lose your data by accident, or outside hackers can expose or steal company and client data.

    Are your still using Windows 2003 or Windows Server 2008 R2? Consider an upgrade to Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows 2012 and boost your server environment with:


    • robust recovery options
    • high-performance storage options
    • simplified delivery of multi-tenant IT services
    • robust recovery options to protect against outages
    • application portability between on-premises environments and clouds
    • a virtual desktop infrastructure
    • improved reliability for on-disk structures
    • built-in resilience
    • VHDX, a new format for VHD virtual disks
    • IP address management (IPAM) for monitoring, discovering and auditing
    • IPv4 and IPv6 are fully supported
    • compatibility with existing APIs and technologies
    • Resilient File System (ReFS)

    Make your server environment cost-effective
    and easy to manage:

    Databases Done Right with Microsoft SQL Server 2014

    Boost your performance in the cloud and on-premise with SQL Server 2014 as your operational database management system. It supports warehousing, business intelligence and analytics. SQL Server 2014 makes it easy to deploy and manage databases both on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid cloud environment.


    With performance up to 30x faster, Microsoft is a leader in ODBMS

    SQL Server 2014 in-memory technologies are standard now, boosting the performance of transactional and analytics workloads.


    Gain insight into your data

    SQL Server 2014 in-memory technologies are standard now, boosting the performance of transactional and analytics workloads. SQL Server 2014 has a BI platform for fast access and analysis of internal and external data. Combined with Microsoft Power BI, every user has access to the data needed to make informed and insightful business decisions. SQL Server is available in several editions: use Enterprise for mission critical applications, enterprise business intelligence, and data warehousing. Alternatively, use Standard for databases, reporting, and analytics.


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