Same as any web or desktop application mobile application needs to be tested for functional and non-functional testing, but the way we test mobile application differs from a desktop or web application. If we look at black box functional testing of mobile application it needs to be tested for orientation, multi-touch, network, data transfer along with functional testing.  Some applications takes input from other sensor like GPS, NFC, Camera, LED so that should be taken care while testing.

A mobile tester needs to make sure that application is tested with at-least all compatible version of the mobile operating system. If we take an example of Android OS, application needs to be tested with current as well as the previous version of the OS. Sometimes application is compatible with few specific devices only so it is required to test the application of all compatibility (Hardware + Software).

Some Quick Tips :

▪ Test the application s BlackBox and test it with all applicable Hardware + Software logics
▪ Test every screen of the mobile app and change the device from portrait to landscape mode and back again.
▪ Don’t forget to test device-specific functions, like sensors and communication interfaces.

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