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The Single Most Affordable & Accessible ERP Solution for Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

As your business adapts and creates change, you need a solid, underlying foundation to inform your decision-making. SAP Business One enables you to get the decisions that matter correct. Smoothen out your supply chain, tighten up your accounting and forecasts, automate processes to increase productivity and much more.

This application, by world leading ERP developers SAP, is all about facilitating your business, harnessing the power and the insight of a world-class ERP solution at a price that is affordable. Imagine what you could do with the insight of a 360-degree view of your entire business from accounting and financials, purchasing, inventory, sales and project management, and human resources.

SAP Business One is sold exclusively through partners – like Aware – who are on hand through the entire implementation process.

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SAP Business One: Ready, Out the Box

Typically, expensive, resource intensive, and complex to navigate, in the past only large multi-national corporations could reap the business benefits of an ERP solution. Business One changes this dynamic, by offering a flexible, modular and user-friendly ERP solution designed for small and midsized businesses.

This revolutionary platform is priced with low monthly licensing fees – a single application that can cover all departments in your business. SAP has packed lots into Business One out the box – but there are over 500 add-on modules tailored to different industries and special functions – the daunting days of developing and designing modules to cater for your specific business are a thing of the past. Easy to implement, there are nearly 60,000 Business One customer worldwide in 150+ countries – you can get up and running with your solution within days.

Capturing all the critical business data into an easy to understand snapshot, immediately accessible company-wide means your employees can start to make smart, confident decisions – faster than ever before. Address customer’s needs more efficiently, track revenue and costs and cash flow and make quick, impactful, corrective action.

Aware understand that businesses like yours have big dreams, and as your business grows it is often challenging to get an easy-to-digest single view to make these a reality. With SAP Business One its intuitive functionality helps you get to the heart of the most pressing questions about your business. Alerts and notifications are easy to set up, and real-time analysis with AdHoc or standard reporting readily available. By integrating all company information into one platform, you eliminate the kind of errors you see when using multiple spreadsheets, as well as wasted resources on duplicate entries.

SAP Business One is the easy access ERP solution that gives forward-thinking SMEs all the advantages of a powerful ERP platform. The easy user-based monthly pricing means you are never wasting spend, and as you grow simply add new users.

Every business is different, and this is why SAP Business One is designed with flexibility at its heart. SAP Business One provides anywhere, anytime, any device access whether it is deployed in the cloud** or on-premise.

SAP Business One

Real Business Benefits:

SAP Business One is all about giving you the resources you need to make tangible business improvements across all business units and departments. Here’s how SAP Business One can make a difference to you.


Financial Management:

SAP Business One provides a complete set of tools to help manage and streamline financial operations. It automates the arduous, time-consuming and often error costing tasks such as maintaining ledgers, journal entries, multicurrency transactions, tax calculations and more. You can conduct all your banking activities simply from one application: manage cash flow, track fixed assets, process reconciliations, statements and payments through various methods.


The detailed analysis allows you to compare budgets and targets versus the year plan on the go.


Customer Management:

Loyal customers are essential for any sustainable business growth. With SAP Business One you can manage your entire sales process and customer lifecycle – from first touch point to final sale and beyond. The complete view of your sales funnel helps you understand your customers better, turning more prospects into paying clients, increasing sales, profitability and customer satisfaction.


Evaluate, manage and create marketing campaigns; track all the created opportunities through the sales funnel and store all critical customer data in one place – customer contacts are synchronized with Microsoft Outlook. Once your leads are collected you can mobilize your sales team with SAP Business One Sales mobile app**.

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Purchasing Control:

Develop a systematic approach to purchasing and increase your margins. SAP Business One manages your complete order-to-pay cycle including receipts, invoices, returns, and payments. Integrated reporting tools let you easily compare supplier pricing and identify cost-saving opportunities as well as view account balances and purchase analysis.


Simply create purchase requests, POs, and receipts – link all purchases to a document trail for easily auditing.


Inventory Overview:

Achieve real-time data synchronization of warehouse inventory, valuations, and pricing impact reports. Gain accurate data about shipments, inventory and even item locations. You can manage your inventory using FIFO, standard costing, moving average or other methods.


Easily manage stock in multiple locations, by dividing your inventory up into subzones, optimize stock movement and reduce your picking times. Record all your goods receipts and issues, track stock transfers and enable consignment, drop-ship and other fulfillment methods.


Business Intelligence:

See your business more clearly through the power of SAP Crystal Report – a complimentary module with SAP Business One. Gather data from multiple sources and generate timely and accurate reports in a variety of formats and dashboard to suit you. Deep dive into the data that matters and get the information you need to make tangible business changes.


Powerful data visualization by integrating with SAP Lumira makes decision making a cinch or, if you prefer, it’s fully integrated with standard Microsoft Excel functionalities to get a new perspective. If you need more thorough analysis SAP Business One offers optional analytics powered by SAP HANA.


Analytics and Reporting:

Empower your employees to make smart, confident decisions faster by capturing your business’s critical information and making it accessible across your company. Design your own dashboards and reports that ask your department’s most pressing questions: track revenue, costs, cash flow and more.


Real-time analytics means you’re always on top of your opportunities and threats. With SAP Business One you can simplify data on demand.

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Industry Capabilities:

Retail: Give consumers the tailored shopping experience they want, across any channel. Leverage the power of real-time customer and POS insights, optimizing your entire operation from merchandising to supply chain.

Wholesale: Run a flexible, tightly integrated process to achieve operational excellence. Improve everything from planning to inventory and supply chain management.

Manufacturing: Shrink your processing costs, shorten cycle times and reduce scrap and rework – hit all the targets you need to increase your bottom line.

Consumer Products: Align your operation to the demands of the modern customer. SAP Business One gives you the insight to effectively anticipate, plan and manage demand.

Professional Services: Deliver the high-value services your consumers deserve through repeatable processes for service delivery.

SAP Business One
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Competitive Advantage

Join the robust global economy by implementing world-class business processes that enable you to anticipate, adapt and seize an opportunity.

SAP Business One

Connect your business

Your entire business runs more smoothly when there is access and collaboration – foster natural cross-departmental collaboration within your organization.

SAP Business One

Easy Access to Data

Analytics and reports help you to keep informed about your business to make decisions.

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