SAP Business One Success Story


Customer Information

BEWISH (Bewish Car Rental Co., Ltd.) is a leading car rental company that upholds the highest international standards of excellence. They have a team of experienced specialists that manage the provision of short-term and long-term car rental services to a diverse range of customers, including government agencies and state enterprises.

Customers can choose from a variety of car brands and models, and also select additional features according to their specific needs. BEWISH's fixed monthly rental rate allows customers to easily manage their expenses throughout the contract period.

Business Needs

Bewish Case Study .

As BEWISH Car Rental Co., Ltd. continued to grow, its original operations that relied on basic tools such as Microsoft Excel and Word were no longer sufficient to support the company's growth. The company's executive team recognized the need for a working system that met international standards and could enhance and support its future expansion.

After one of BEWISH's executive team members had a positive experience with the implementation and support of the SAP Business One system by Aware Group, who had also successfully managed and coordinated projects for a large car rental company in the past, they invited the Aware's BizSol team to provide solutions to BEWISH's business challenges.


With the help of Aware’s BizSol team, BEWISH was able to implement a more robust and comprehensive working system that meets international standards. The new system enabled BEWISH to streamline its operations, improve communication among team members, and enhance the quality of its services. As a result, BEWISH was able to continue its rapid growth and maintain its position as a trusted partner in the car rental industry. Aware proposed the following:

  1. Standard SAP Business One License with the implementation, configuration, and support for back end Operations consisting of the following modules:
    • Administration
    • Financials (AR/AP/GL/Fixed Asset, Banking, Budgeting, Thai Localization)
    • Sales and Receivables
    • Purchases and Payables
    • Business Partner
    • Inventory Management
    • Service
  1. Add-on SAP Business One License with the implementation, configuration, and support for Front End Operation use. This add-on was developed by the BizSol team and was separated into two phases.
    • The first phase was an add-on to support the long-term car rental operation consisting of various features:
    • Car information management includes engine number, tank number, license plate details, mileage recording, car rental customer information, car rental information, location of the car, car replacement management, etc.
    • Managing and equipping accessories
    • Recording of leasing/hire purchase contracts, recording the hire-purchase pricing, amount for each instalment payment, balloon amount, number of instalments, interest calculation, and including the reversal of deferred interest when paying instalments
    • Car delivery 
    • Receiving the car after the end of the lease agreement
    • Contract cancellation penalty calculation 
    • Transferring contracts to new clients 
    • Maintenance schedule management of each car model by mileage and advance car maintenance notification from the car utilization rate according to the last two times mileage numbers 
    • Car Transfer Management (Record branch information and parking lot)  
    • Recording cars for sale (for not being able to place them for renting) and car selling for cut out of the system. 
    • Creating various forms according to the format that the user wants
      • Quotation
      • Long-term leasing
      • Purchase requisition 
      • Purchase order
      • Car delivery note
      • Car returning receipt 
      • Invoice 
      • Receipt/ Tax Invoice 
      • Credit note/ Tax invoice 
      • Maintenance order
      • Insurance claim form 
      • Car sales invoice 
      • Application for Vehicle Transfer

      The second phase is an add-on for short-term car rental operation or a program to support the short-term car rental business consisting of features:
  • Rates based on
  • Rental Period (From Date/ To Date)
  • 1-6Days/ 7-27Days/ Month/ Year
  • Car Group (SS, S, M, L, …)
  • Customer Group (Private, Company, VIP, Agent)
  • Standard Rate/ Extend Rate
  • Advanced Booking Days, Pay Now, Pay Later
  • Branch
  • Extra/ Accessory/ Insurance Item
  • Voucher
  • Reservation (Self-drive/ Limousine)
  • Agreement (Self-drive/ Limousine)
  • Assign Car/ Chauffeur
  • Check Out
  • Check In
  • Exchange
  • Damage/ Fine
  • Invoicing and Payment
  • Reports
  • Voucher Analysis
  • Fleet Utilization
  • Short Term Accrual Revenue
  • Short Term Deferred Revenue

  1. Proposing the database as Microsoft SQL Server.

  2. Support of the Infrastructure and Installation using a cloud server with Managed Services provided by System Engineers from Aware's SIMS team.

The solutions provided by BizSol align with BEWISH's business requirements while remaining within a manageable budget. Furthermore, the system adheres to international standards and can accommodate future business expansion for BEWISH.

Thanks to the effective collaboration between BEWISH's executives and system users with BizSol's consultant team, the implementation of various procedures proceeded smoothly, allowing for the system to go live within the designated timeframe. Despite encountering challenges from the intricacies of daily operations and unexpected urgent tasks, the system's usage and maintenance remain ongoing and satisfactory.

Solution Suite

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