As per the status today there are more than 60,997,996 sites are using WordPress as their blogging / content management system and we are also one of them. In recent years number of WordPress users is increasing day by just because of its simplicity.


When we use WordPress as a platform, we need to make sure that it is secure enough against potential hacking instances. Last year during money making SPAM campaign somewhere more than 60000 wordpress were compromised jus because of no or little security implementation.
Following is the list of free plugins which will help to secure your WordPress

  • BPS Security (BulletProof Security)

As its name implies, BPS Security provides extraordinary security to any WordPress blog like never before. It generally writes .htaccess files to prevent application from attacker. BPS Security tool has very easy configuration and a good manual which can be configured by any novice user. There is no impact on performance of site by using this tool.

Sample check list file is as follows.



  • AntiSPAM Bee

Most of the WordPress users are facing issues of number of SPAM, and just because of number of SPAM ratio high on WordPress people try to avoid this good tool. To reduce number of SPAM on site AntiSPAM bee can help. This will automatically block SPAM IP from its database. This tool has very easy configuration and only one disadvantage it may block a genuine user from accessing your site if he /she has IP listed on SPAM db.

In advance configuration you can put specific IP addresses in White or Black list as per the requirement.

  • Better WP Security – System Status

This tool is outstanding but it has complex configuration. When we increase the level of security indirectly it is decreasing the level of functionality. This tool comes with most advance security setting which are must for any WordPress site for example

  1. Admin user should not have username “admin”
  2. No user should be present with id “1”
  3. WordPress table name should not have prefix “wp_” and many more.

Moreover it gives flexibility to change the default WordPress contents folder, default login, register links to reduce the chances of detection of platform type.

Note: Please make sure to take backup before implementing plugins.

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