Following are the standards as defined by IEEE for Software Testing and can be used for Quality Assurance or Quality Control of product.

IEEE 829 
A standard for the format of documents used in different stages of software testing.

IEEE 1061
A methodology for establishing quality requirements, identifying, implementing, analyzing, and validating the process and product of software quality metrics is defined.

IEEE 1059
Guide for Software Verification and Validation Plans.

IEEE 1008
A standard for unit testing.

IEEE 1012
A standard for Software Verification and Validation.

IEEE 1028
A standard for software inspections.

IEEE 1044
A standard for the classification of software anomalies.

IEEE 1044-1
A guide to the classification of software anomalies.

IEEE 830
A guide for developing system requirements specifications.

IEEE 730
A standard for software quality assurance plans

IEEE 1061
A standard for software quality metrics and methodology.

IEEE 12207
A standard for software life cycle processes and life cycle data.

BS 7925-1
A vocabulary of terms used in software testing.

BS 7925-2
A standard for software component testing.

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