Software test automation is in demand now days. Companies are moving to test automation to meet the dead lines of the product delivery. On daily requirement changing it is difficult for a companies to meet deliver the program on time. Automation helps them to reduce the regression timeline and overall it helps to deliver product on committed date.

People feel that automation will help in all the projects and at all level, this blog post will try to clear the myths and facts about test automation.

Test Automation will replace manual testing:

This is the biggest myth about test automation. Test automation is used to support the manual testing activity but it will never replace the manual testing. Test automation can be used once the product is stable and it has some fixed features which are not going to be changed over the time.

Automation will create some scripts which covers scenarios and test cases (Most of them are critical), so whenever software has new release automation script can be executed to verify that previous functionality is working fine or not.

Test Automation can Find More Bugs:

Bugs found by test automation will be lesser or none as compared with manual testing. As we have seen in previous explanation, test automation works on stable modules the number of bugs found will surely be less.

Benefits of Test Automation or Test Tools


Think about how long it would take you to manually try a few thousand test cases for the Windows Calculator. You might average a test case every 5 seconds or so. Automation might be able to run 10, 100, even 1000 times that fast.


While you’re busy running test cases, you can’t be doing anything else. If you have a test tool that reduces the time it takes for you to run your tests, you have more time for test planning and thinking up new tests.

Accuracy and Precision.

After trying a few hundred cases, your attention span will wane and you’ll start to make  mistakes. A test tool will perform the same test and check the results perfectly, each and    every time.


Test tools and automation never tire or give up.

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