Any web application has three main components.

  1. The Server: The computer where web contents resides
  2. The Client:  The computer where contents needs to be served.
  3. The Network: The interconnect link between two.

Issues Verification for the Server:
As a thumb rule all web application should have validation of application at client and server both ends. Many times application contains validation only at client end which leads to application data failure in production.


All web servers should be verified for latest updated patch and basic security configuration. All default settings should be changed and manual settings should be done to make more secure.

As we can see in the above diagram network plays the major part while as the second part is OS and the last and the small part is Application. Web application failure can happen which may lead to production failure. To prevent application from potential failure from production it should be tested for all Functional and Non Functional Testing.

The Client:

Web application should be tested for Functional and Non Functional testing to make sure that it will not get fail in production environment. It should be confirmed that unstated requirements like application performance, application security and industry standards are also covered during implementation of the application.

The Network:

The Network plays the major role in the case of application failure. Many times due to lesser bandwidth availability end user is not able to open the web application or web application works very slow.

In future posts we will start with start with Application functional testing to test the application properly. At Aware Corporation Limited we test application as per the international standard. We have our own artifacts to make application development and testing more stable, efficient and effective. For more details you can contact us at info(at)aware(dot)co(dot)th

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