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Bring your teams together with Kandao.

Kandao Meeting and Meeting Pro are the smart solutions for modern communications and forward-thinking businesses. With employees working remotely and clients located globally, video conferencing has become the premier way to maintain collaboration and grow connections.

Make Remote Meetings Smarter with Kandao Meeting & Kandao Meeting Pro

Kandao Meeting & Kandao Meeting Pro

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    Kandao Meeting:

    Kandao Meeting is a 360 all-in-one camera with 8 omnidirectional microphones, and 2 full-duplex speakerphones. A system that delivers a true face-to-face meeting experience with crystal clear audio and 1080P high-definition video.

    Kandao Meeting is a plug-and-play, high-performance conferencing tool. Meetings can take place anywhere, anytime, with no additional software required. Simple plug and play facility, all that is required is a laptop with a USB connection.

    The Meeting Camera

    It’s as if you were in the room: Kandao’s customized ultra-HD fisheye lenses capture panoramic video at 8K resolution and delivers a stream at 1080P and 25 frames per second. The wide-angled lenses ensure everyone is both visible and engaged for a truly immersive all-inclusive video experience.


    Based on the lighting conditions of the room, the Kandao meeting conference room cameras dynamically optimizes to your work and lighting environment – always showing you and your business in its best light.


    The Meeting Microphone

    Clarity of mind and ear: Crystal clear audio through 8 fully integrated and omnidirectional mics that pick up sounds up-to 13 meters away. Dynamically highlight speakers as they talk, through “discussion mode”, while viewing a 360° view of the entire room or Presentation mode, which smoothly pans to the active speaker.


    Meeting Soundsystem:

    No more echoes: Two 10-watt duplex speakers for perfect pitch audio. The built-in high-performance 360° audio system ensures the entire meeting room can hear perfectly, no need to huddle around the table or pass the microphone.


    Kandao Meeting & Kandao Meeting Pro

    The Meeting Pro:

    Kandao Meeting Pro is a high-performance standalone video conferencing terminal. No computer or external operating system is required. Simply connect the to a monitor with an HDMI cable. The built-in Android system is easily installed and updated directly on the Kandao Meeting Pro. Fully equipped the Wi-Fi, Ethernet LAN, USD the Kandao Meeting Pro is flexible enough to connect with a catalog of conferencing equipment and light enough to carry on a business trip.

    The Meeting Pro Camera:

    No more blind spots: Detailed 360° image capture with seamless optical flow stitching and automatic optimizations – exposure compensation and automatic white balance. Apply the Meeting AI Intelligent Recognition 2.0 for precise focus and smart tracking.

    The Meeting Pro Microphone:

    Crystal clear audio through the improved to achieve finest audio quality, which can cover 5.5 meters in radius (1.5metres wider than the Kandao Meeting Microphone). Beamforming technology hones sound collection capabilities providing best-in-class crisp audio with echo cancellation, noise reduction, and howling suppression.

    The Meeting Pro Soundsystem:

    The unique Hi-Fi speaker gives louder output, clearer sounds, and more focus to improve comprehension in even chattery meeting rooms.

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