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Remote Monitoring and Management

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All your IT needs on one dashboard

Aware’s RMM offering is the core product to power our Antivirus, Backup and Recovery, and Web Protection solutions. Aware’s modular pricing gives you the flexibility to expand services as you need them instead of being locked into a long-term contract.

Remote Monitoring provides complete visibility to engineers, which means we can tackle your issues head on before mole hills become mountains. Aware’s Remote Monitoring MSP provides real-time monitoring for all your devices so you can maintain order even in the most chaotic IT environments.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Single pane of glass

Nobody likes to juggle multiple pieces of software, jury-rigging processes to chaotically get the job done. Not only is it inefficient, it’s also rife for mistakes. Aware’s MSP Remote Monitoring and Management solution hands you a comprehensive list of tools to effectively manage or check on your IT inside a single dashboard.

Control everything with one click

The single pane of glass console empowers you to monitor, manage, optimise and report on your IT processes effectively. If you would like Aware to handle all your back-ups, patching, anti-virus and web security, we will share the dashboard with you, so you can monitor the actions we are taking in real time.

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    With RMM software products you can secure, maintain and improve:

    • Patch management
    • Remote Access
    • Vulnerability Scan
    • Daily safety checks
    • Scheduled tasks
    • Asset Management

    Aware’s RMM packages start from as little as 70 baht a month

    • Patch management:

    Keeping your business safe requires constant vigilance. Aware will keep you updated, fine-tuning your patch management to prevent cyber-attacks and optimise system performance. We’ll take care of all you devices and third party applications across different operating systems, even when they are outside the network. You can stay on top all our changes with a few clicks inside reporting.




    • Remote access:

    Get hands on, or leave it up to us. We offer either Teamviewer or MaxFocus MSP Anywhere, depending on if you want to do the work or just check in on your network. If you need our support, you simply set up a session, enter the provided passcode and we will begin working on your issue together.




    • Scheduled tasks:

    Spend less time worrying about and running routine tasks – set up automated schedules with us to ensure everything that needs done, is done. Pre-configured vulnerability scans and Windows vulnerability checks, can help you redress unauthorised changes and configuration errors.




    • Asset Management:

    Keep a close inventory on all your hardware and software information right down to serial numbers, software versions, processor types, memory, and more. We can deliver comprehensive asset reports, spot upgrade requirements and banned software for you, keeping you informed of what is happening with your business.

    The choice is yours. Choose Aware.

    • A collaborative approach
    • Proven success delivering mobile solutions for consumer and enterprise clients
    • Integration expertise in software and hardware
    • A single source of accountability – no multiple vendors