Benefits and Welfare

At Aware, we don’t offer only Social Security Fund but also generous benefits & welfare as below;

Benefits & WelfareProvident Fund 3-15% (contribution by the company depends on position level) * After 90 Days Probation Period

Aware recognizes the importance of personnel in the company. Therefore, the provident fund has been used to help for saving money for our employees to make sure that they will always have reserved money.

Benefits & WelfareAnnual Leave (start at 8 days/year and can accumulate to use for the next year), Sick Leave, Business Leave *After 90 Days Probation Period

Relax your day by taking annual leave when you are fully working. We give you the right to rest as well. At the same time, if any employees still do not want to use vacation days, they can use them for the next year.

Benefits & WelfareAnnual Medical Check-up

Aware attaches great importance to employee health because we believe that good health will lead to effective work. Therefore, we organize annual health check-up programs for our Aware BKK employees every October of each year. And Aware CNX will be provided Health Subsidy.

Benefits & WelfareMedical Insurance by Allianz Ayudhya *When working for 90 days

If our employees have an illness and need to enter the hospital, Aware also provides benefits for health insurance as well (OPD).

Benefits & WelfareRecreational Activities

Aware attaches importance to employee relations in the company. No matter what position you are in or which department, we all have good relationships with each other. The good relationship is caused by learning about each other through the recreation activities of the company, whether it is culture and tradition activities, team building or Staff Get-Togethers and Staff New Year Party.

Benefits & WelfarePerformance Bonus

When Aware’s performance is in a good direction, employees will be rewarded with a bonus because Aware believes that high business profits are due to the intention of all employees’ contributions to the company.

Benefits & WelfarePerformance Evaluation & Salary Review

When you work with Aware, you don’t have to worry that the companies won’t be able to see your work because Aware has individual assessments and if employees work well, Aware doesn’t forget to adjust the salary appropriately.

Benefits & WelfareFinancial support for Dental, Eye Care, Fitness, and Health *When working for 180 days by bringing the receipt to the company

In addition of annual health check and health insurance, Aware also has financial support in dentistry, ophthalmology, fitness service fees including excess medical expenses as well. When our employees use the service as we mentioned before, they can bring the receipt to withdraw with the company (the funding depends on the level of that position).

Benefits & WelfareFinancial support for your personal needs (For marriage, childbirth and funeral arrangements) *When working for 180 days

Aware not only sees the benefits of employees but also looks to the family of employees, so we provide financial assistance for our employees when they get married, having children or even cremation.

Benefits & WelfareComputer, Tablet, Smartphone subsidy *When working for 180 days

When working with Aware, you will have more opportunities to access technology because Aware has financial support for our employees to buy personal technology, whether it is a notebook computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Benefits & WelfareLanguage, technical and business training and support *When working for 180 days

In addition to the technological knowledge that you will get from Aware, you will also gain the knowledge of English language, work skills along with business knowledge, which can be called 4 in 1.

And we do offer money allowances such as transportation and, mobile allowance for some position which should use or work onsite with our clients. Moreover, we give pride and award. Recognition is a key element of our culture and we are constantly taking the time to share happy moments with our colleagues and to recognize those employees who help us deliver exceptional performance to our clients externally and to our team internally and the recognition award will be given to one who works for a long time too.

One of our most important priorities is the continuous delivery of programs and initiatives to support the communities around us. We enjoy, Join Aware

Benefits & Welfare