Our Team Can Help You with a Range of Software & IT Solutions

Business Intelligence

Our customer applications are designed to streamline your business processes, increase efficiency, grow revenue or shrink operational costs.

Custom Software Development

Every piece of software we design and build serves to boost your business. We can help you to operate leaner, automate workflow and increase profitability - all tailor made.

Managed Services

Do you have gaps, pain points or any inefficiencies in your IT infrastructure management? Are outages or downtime impacting your business? Let Aware help you.

Mobile Application Development

Traffic on mobile phones and tablets is skyrocketing. We develop, design and build apps for all operating systems, a convenient way to engage with clients and staff.

Outsourced IT Staffing

Our rigorous recruitment program ensures the highest-calibre software engineers and IT specialist are available for your short and long term projects.

Systems Integration

One of the big differences at Aware is our system integration and hosting expertise. We've built in-house expertise so we can integrate your application with an array of systems.

Testing Services

At Aware, our skilled test professionals are determined in their efforts to detect and eliminate defects. Our team can help you automate your testing needs with our tailored solution - GrapeWare.


Aware presents a full suite of Microsoft Solutions: Benefit from the full Office 365 package. Be up to date with Windows 10 Pro. Experience the latest Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition.

Web Development

Aware develops websites that serve a purpose, solve problems, and produce results. Using cutting-edge coding techniques, robust CMS systems and pioneering creative principles we strive to push the boundaries of what can be developed.

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12 years of formally defined, metric-driven QA, with a continual process optimization, has led us to an end-to-end process we call Aware IQD - Intelligent, Quality, Design.

Aware IQD guides everything we do, across all aspects of our business - everything from initial consulting, to development and deployment, through on-going maintenance.


We place a great deal of importance on understanding your business. Before any development takes place we perform an in-depth analysis of your current operations, the core of your business, your market and your competition. This allows us to dissect your business challenges and establish a plan for the pieces that can be automated through technology and those that require a human touch. Our recommendation is the perfect bespoke solution to meet your needs, optimize your results, and increase revenue or decrease your costs.


Skilled in a wide range of technologies and development methodologies, we provide high-quality software that simplifies business processes, reduces costs and increases efficiency. The shortage of skilled IT and software engineers in developed markets and the resulting, spiraling labor costs have created a great opportunity in Thailand to provide quality offshore services at exceptional value. We understand that value isn’t just a synonym for costs, that’s why the spirit of our core values stresses accountability. Aware IQD is how we deliver on that promise.


No matter what your industry, the accelerating pace of change will undoubtedly affect you. The speed of everything is multiplying by an ever-growing number of platforms, channels, devices, media, and amount of data, making the delivery of quality and results exponentially more difficult every day.

Our Testing Services are designed to provide you with real and tangible benefits that ensure your software solution meets the expected results.


Our range of managed service options are designed to streamline your operation and keep your IT environment running efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Single point of accountability to manage multiple vendors
  • Identify long-term opportunities
  • Onsite or remote management available
  • Keep your costs down and reliability up
  • A partner who understands your business
  • Reduce outages and downtime
  • Maintain your infrastructure without significant capital investment

We ensure flexibility and scalability for all your IT needs.