IT Managed Services

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Aware is the perfect extension of your IT department

Are there gaps, pain points and inefficiencies in your IT infrastructure management? Are downtime, outages and other problems impacting your business? Is taking care of routine IT infrastructure monitoring and management around the clock affecting productivity, and resulting in revenue losses?

Businesses depend heavily on a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure. With a shortage of IT resources and spiraling costs it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the day-to-day responsibilities of keeping your IT infrastructure up and running. If this sounds familiar Aware's IT Managed Services could be for you.

Are you keeping up with demand?

Aware offers a range of managed service options and flexible pricing models for servers, storage systems, networks and applications.

Our experienced IT professionals let you concentrate on running your business, with fewer interruptions due to IT issues – reducing your costs and complexities, and freeing up your IT staff to focus on higher-value projects.

Thankfully there is a better way…

Our IT Managed Service team can help you with:

“Reduce your risk and make your life easier. No upfront investment in manpower, training and management of servers.”

The choice is yours. Choose Aware

  • A collaborative approach
  • Proven success delivering mobile solutions for consumer and enterprise clients
  • Integration expertise in software and hardware
  • A single source of accountability - no multiple vendors