PNG Air Freight Limited

Distribution Management System


Established in 1977, PNGAF is the leading air freight services provider in Papua New Guinea (PNG), transporting consignments from pickup to delivery. Fifty percent owned by the Kenmore Group and fifty percent by TNT Express Worldwide, PNGAF serves as TNT’s sole local agent for delivery of goods in Papua New Guinea. Whether the consignment is general/express cargo, live animals, human remains, perishables or dangerous goods, PNGAF can move it door-to-door within Papua New Guinea or around the world.

As early as 2004 PNGAF realized that automation of their pickup and delivery processes were needed to grow their business. It took a while for Internet bandwidth in Papua New Guinea to mature sufficiently to allow interconnection between PNGAF’s many local ports of call. Eventually Internet service availability became good enough to support a web-based software system.


PNGAF was facing daily challenges answering customer inquiries on where their consignments were and when they would be delivered. Their back-office processes were all manual and labor intensive. It was becoming increasingly difficult to gain new, and even service existing customers.

While the principals knew what they needed in terms of automation, finding a specific solution that met all of their requirements was a significant challenge.

On the Project’s Schedule and Budget

“Having started this process with several different software developers over the last 10 years, I never really got to the point where I thought we would actually install something. Beyond the environmental difficulties and network limitations here in Papua New Guinea, everything I’d read, heard and experienced about outsourced software development for solutions of this size, concerned me. I expected the project to go over cost and would not complete within the expected timeframe. I don’t think we did either. The project was pulled together on time and on budget.”

Doug Maskelyne

General Manager, PNGAF


PNGAF partnered with Aware for the software implementation and customization services of the web-based, multi-tiered architecture Distribution Management System (DMS).

Originally designed to only support express distribution, in eight short months Aware adapted DMS to manage PNGAF’s entire airfreight business.

The solution included configurations for routing, scheduled pickups, value-added services and postal codes/zones. Software customizations included the ability to lodge freight to pre-assigned air waybills, monitor inbound operations process flow, and customer integration with their existing accounting system (AccPac).

Aware also provided User Acceptance Testing and training for all PNGAF departments, along with on-site support during the initial Go Live period.


PNGAF can now easily access customer, ship-from-location, consignee, quantity, weight and dimensions directly from TNT consignments notes and track a package from point-of-origin through to proof-of-delivery (POD).

As each bar code is scanned from consignment notes, license-plated packages and air manifests, the content of manifests is generated including the location and status of each package, allowing PNGAF to instantly identify consignments that have been delivered, are pending delivery and that have been shipped.

Now when a customer asks, “where is my consignment?” the answer can be obtained in seconds rather than after multiple phone calls and hours of waiting.

The extensive reporting capabilities in DMS allows for different reporting layers. From high level company-wide reports all the way through to fine granular reports that include customers, routes or distribution centers. PNGAF’s management now has actionable information to assist them in getting a handle on what would otherwise be intractable problems preventing or hindering service delivery to their customers.

With DMS in place, PNGAF can now offer world-class, best-of-breed service to its customer base.

On the Future

“We went from the manual processing age to the digital age overnight. The information that’s now available to us, and the information we can supply our customers has revolutionized the way the way we do business. We can now feel confident showing prospective customers how we will deliver our services to them.”

Troy Park

General Manager - Operations, PNG Air Freight