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Setting out a Leased Line in Thailand

Aware’s leased line solution is designed for companies that demand fast, reliable and secure access. With zero downtime! Let’s face it, nowadays a basic business broadband line just doesn’t cut it. In all businesses, you need stability – a network and a team you can rely on, Aware provides just that. The fiber-optic line will give you reliability, constant speed and above all: security.

On top of that, we provide round the clock support with rapid response time. Needless to say that we bring many years of international experience with various locations to the table. With Aware you will get your own dedicated, uncontended leased line. No more worries about competing for bandwidth again: stay secure and plan for the future.


When you opt for Aware’s leased line solution, you get the benefits of state of the art fiber-optic technology and the peace of mind that experienced hands overseeing your project provides. Our international teams consult, configure and will manage your leased line to your specifications and requirements.

Leased Lines

Aware’s Dedicated Line has your back 24x7x365

Nowadays we have to deal with data leaks, taps and security breaches as a matter of fact. With leased line services you can effectively tackle that risk. Dedicated line services are inherently secure – only accessible to the end users and no one in between. You can further armor your business with our firewalls and threat management solutions.

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    • Cutting edge fiber-optic line
    • Rapid response 24-hour support
    • Flexible bandwidth from 64Kbps to 155Mbps
    • Future proof scalability
    • Iron-clad network security
    • Over 10 years of international experience

    How does Aware meet your needs with a Corporate Secure Line?

    • Quality and performance

    Aware provides best practice and latest technologies in software and hardware and is dedicated in training staff on maintaining our systems – we keep you up to date in both security and technology.

    • Flexibility

    Adapt quickly to changing business needs by upgrading your bandwidth on short notice, you can increase capacity as your business grows, only paying for the bandwidth you require.

    • Minimum downtime

    We pride ourselves on our reliability – your customers don’t have down-time, so why should your business?

    • Support 24x7x365

    We vouch for rapid response deployment. Call us any time, day or night and we will deal with all the issues you may have.

    • Future Proof

    Our leased line products are inherently scalable and utilize the latest connectivity technologies, they are suitable providing access to Internet based business applications or converged voice.

    Is a leased line for you?

    A leased line is a flexible solution for small businesses who want to control costs and plan ahead, or for large operations that need to transfer large amounts of data. Fiber-optic lines allow for accurate, fast and secure movement of files, and in case of a network crash – there are easy ways to find consistent backups available.

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    • A collaborative approach
    • Proven success delivering mobile solutions for consumer and enterprise clients
    • Integration expertise in software and hardware
    • A single source of accountability – no multiple vendors