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Web Design Bangkok

Cutting Edge Web Design in Bangkok.

Change is one of the few guarantees in the online world. For a thriving business to consistently stay ahead, it often requires big decisions when it comes to planning your technological strategy. There are often concerns when revamping, updating and changing your website: What if you place your bet on the wrong horse; the wrong platform; the wrong security provider?

At Aware the choice is easy because we don’t gamble or take risks with your brand or your business. We rely on the strength of our creative designers and technology wizards to produce data-driven, great looking websites, backed by cutting edge tech.

We’re committed to bring innovative ideas into everyday reality and in doing so, push the limits of digital technology and your expectations. Our Bangkok creative and tech team is 400 deep and growing – and we’re putting our chops on the line day in and out. We can bring your web design project to fit on any given media device, in any style, and make it do whatever you want it to.

Sound cool? We think so too.

Web Design Bangkok


Web Design Bangkok


Ready, Set, Go!

Every project is unique, but they all start at the same place. With over a decade of experience we have concocted a proven recipe to move your dreams into the online world. We design for you on a range of platforms and eventually choose the best, producing your website ready for the future.

Let’s meet up.

If you like what you read and you’re eager to know more, why not catch that cup of coffee – drop by our office just outside Ari BTS and discuss your project with one of our consultants. We’d really like to hear your vision, what you want to do and how you plan on doing it.

Web Design Bangkok


An international design and development team at your finger-tips. Our global business model leverages cost-competitive development to provide high quality, bespoke solutions for you.


We test all our web design development projects on our very own custom made testing strategies. Our planned method of testing reduces risk, improves quality and drives efficiency, for you. We know you need full functionality and security on your website design.


To complete your web design package, we recommend all our web design clients to take on our managed service solutions. Full hosting, security and maintenance around the clock. Our managed service option is designed to streamline your processes and keep your environment running smoothly, without the usual kinks. We’ll assist you in lowering overall costs, to start operating lean and staying flexible.

The choice is yours. Choose Aware.

  • A collaborative approach
  • Proven success delivering mobile solutions for consumer and enterprise clients
  • Integration expertise in software and hardware
  • A single source of accountability – no multiple vendors