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Mobile Application Testing

Making Mobile Applications Market Ready

For the past 13 years Aware’s innovative testing strategies have assisted some of Asia’s biggest and best to prepare that little bit better. By combining years of dedicated practice, our very own testing academy, and cutting edge technologies we prepare businesses like yours for the challenges of the modern world.

Aware’s testing framework maximizes testing effectiveness providing faster results to ensure your app works across a multitude of platforms and devices. From test strategy to test execution, we provide usability and functionality testing, system integration and UAT testing.

Mobile Application Testing

13 Years of Test Transformation

As the world has gone mobile, so has our testing strategy. Every single day we are pushing businesses forward, adapting, evolving and testing on new devices, networks and systems. We are continually designing new test strategies engineered for mobile applications – keeping you and your developments current.

Mobile application testing is now a critical part of any digital strategy, an essential ingredient in the mobile first world. Making sure you are compatible, secure, on time and in trend. The explosion of mobile devices on todays’ agile landscape means there is an ever-growing line of releases, updates, timelines and the ever-present expectation of complete compatibility. It is a necessity that development is flawless pre-release and that you stay relevant and compatible. Failing to meet the demands of the market can be disastrous for a brand – as well as a waste of money and resources.

Why Aware

  • Test leaders in the region working with some of Thailand’s largest companies
  • Aware Academy, a resource for the constant nurturing of world-class testing talent
  • Industry specialization built on an extensive experience of serving clients
  • Aware works to world-class standards and protocol developed over 13 years
  • Global delivery on a 24/7 basis serving clients across the globe.

Measure Twice Cut Once:

There are many avenues to failure when dealing with mobile development. There is nothing worse for your brand than an application that doesn’t meet the needs of your customers. A fantastic user experience is not just “does it work”, but is it compatible? Does it scale? And does it have all the functionality needed to meet the performance protocol?

The fast-moving nature of mobile technology offers up completely different problems to software: we now need to consider short usage patterns, memory, device fragmentation and rapid innovation. We have developed test strategies that can be executed on different mobile applications, devices, networks and geographies.

Aware practices what it preaches, having built mobile applications for ourselves and our clients we test everything, using these very methods. Mobile testing ensures the functionality, usability, consistency, performance, security and other functional and non-functional traits that are required.

What we do:

Mobile application (app) functional testing: This is testing based on predetermined customer processes and requirements and can be performed manually through our test specialists.

Cross browser testing: Testing for browser compatibility, testing across platforms and devices.

Cross platform testing: Testing across iOS, Android, Windows and Hybrid developments.

Device compatibility testing: Testing across a wide range of devices based on the current marketplace background.

Interoperability testing: This encompasses mobile application testing across multiple carriers and geographically-connected devices.

User experience testing: Testing UX, benchmarking and A/B testing across multiple devices.

Performance testing: We test to enhance the performance of your application, under load and stress helping it perform faster and more efficient.

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