Aware presents at the “Creativity Connect Forum”

There’s something about Chiang Mai that inspires creativity. The city has long been renowned for its vibrant Art, Furniture, Fashion and Cafe scenes, and over the last few years a new scene has evolved, the Digital scene. As this digital community continues to develop and integrate itself into Chiang Mai’s creative community, we’re beginning to see a flurry of exciting events, workshops and forums designed to bring people together, pool resources and work on projects that can make a big difference to the lives of millions, and hopefully one day, billions.

The “Creativity Connect Forum” brought together academic, government and entrepreneur communities, to discuss local innovation and how it can help social, urban and economic development in Chiang Mai.

Aware Software Engineer, Chotiwit (Seen) Worasuwannarak, one of the creators of our Raccoon Challenge, was given the opportunity to present the app, talk about the social challenges of plastic waste in Thailand, and how the app plans to address them.

Aware presents at the "Creativity Connect Forum"

“Rexxie the Raccoon provides fun and simple daily challenges to help reduce the amount of waste each person produces. The tasks are designed to create a change in behavior, for example “a straw free day.” By avoiding straws for a day we’ve planted a seed for the user to be more conscious of wasteful habits.
Users simply have to accomplish the task in the allotted time period and the weekly progress bar tracks the accomplishments. Over time the app conditions the user to be more conscience about unnecessary plastic consumption.” Said Seen.

We would like to thank everyone for participating in the conversation, and we’re looking forward to exploring some interesting partnerships that could help integrate the Raccoon Challenge into the daily lives of millions of Thais.

The Raccoon Challenge will be available on Android and iOS in January 2016