Aware Wins Esri & ICMA Social Services App Challenge with ‘The Raccoon Challenge’

On Sept 29, Aware Corporation (www.aware.co.th) took first place in the Social Services App Challenge sponsored by Esri – Environmental, Systems, Research Institute (www.esri.com) and ICMA – International, City, Management Association (www.icma.org). The international competition required app development teams to create mobile apps that will help governments deliver significant social services to their communities. The team from Thailand’s Aware Corp. delivered the ‘Raccoon Challenge’ to earn the prestigious award and first prize money.

The sponsors invited teams to create next-generation apps that help governments use data to deliver impactful social services and build stronger communities. Aware’s innovative approach delivers simple daily challenges to app users to reduce plastic waste. The inspiration for the idea came from Aware’s mobile application development team’s own experiences living in Chiang Mai.

“You’ll buy some fruit from a street stall, which comes in a plastic bag… they’ll put that bag into another bag! There is an insane mentality towards plastics here, so we designed the Raccoon Challenge to change it.” said Chotiwit Worasuwannarak, Senior Software Engineer at Aware, and project coordinator on the challenge.

Judges were looking for innovative and creative use of the ArcGIS Platform, Esri apps, maps, services, and APIs to create a desktop, mobile, or web app. Teams were assessed on creativity and originality, the level of technical challenge, the user experience, and potential for real-world application. Worasuwannarak explained,

“To create the app we gathered data regarding waste production in Thailand, and then plotted it using the ArcGIS mapping platform, allowing users to search and retrieve waste production data from provinces around the country. With the user armed with this new knowledge, Rexxie the Raccoon provides fun and simple daily challenges to help reduce the amount of waste each person produces.”


raccoon_1   raccoon_2   raccoon_3

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“The tasks are designed to create a change in behavior, for example “a straw free day.” By avoiding them for a day we’ve planted a seed for the user to be more aware of their wasteful habits.
The user simply has to accomplish the task in an allotted time period and the weekly progress bar tracks the accomplishments. Over time the app conditions the user to be more conscience about unnecessary plastic consumption.”

Congratulations to the team:
  • Chotiwit Worasuwannarak (Seen) – Project Coordinator
  • Kanokwan Chantarapraphaporn (Phing Phing) – Lead Designer
  • Kimberly Kermode – Design and Voice Over
Sopita Tiammol (Jahrr) – Design and Data collection
  • Koolapat Sirikamol (Tao) – Lead Software Engineer
Sukrit Mahawongtong (P) – Software Engineer
  • Benjamin Otto – Editor and Database Design

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