Graduation Day – The Aware Academy

April 2014, 11 students from Chiang Mai Universities College of Media, Art and Technology (CMAT) entered the inaugural Aware Academy. Over the next 12 months these students worked with Aware’s mentors and technology team’s, expanding their knowledge, honing their skills and building on their post university employability.
Last Thursday they were rewarded for their hard work at the Academy’s graduation ceremony, becoming certified software test engineers. In attendance were senior faculty from CMAT, and leaders from Aware Corporation and the Aware Academy.Congratulations to all our graduates, we’re looking forward to seeing you take over the software testing world.

About Aware Academy
The growing importance of software testing has seen a rapid spike in demand for qualified test engineers. The Aware Academy aims to help students take advantage of the rapidly expanding testing services industry by providing them with the tools and guidance they need to become world-class software test engineers. The Academy provides students with testing processes, methodologies and best practices, but more importantly it allows them to apply the knowledge learnt to real-world test scenarios.

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