Software Testing is not limited to Error Detection only, The goal of software testing to Find Errors, Find them as early as possible and make sure that they get fixed. For the effective software testing there are many methods, which can help tester to simplify work and get more coverage.

We are going to discuss about the BOX method of software testing.

  • BlackBox Software Testing

In blackbox software testing method software is being considered as BlackBox where tester will never come to know the internals of software like how the software is working, how the code is developed. Blackbox is also known as non-transparent box.

In the BlackBox method testers are testing application more in the form of against requirement. Application is mostly validated as defined documents.

  • WhiteBox Software Testing

In whitebox testing method software is being considered as Whitebox or an transparent box, where tester knows the application code and the logic behind the application.  Here it is required that tester should have development experience or programming language knowledge.

Once blackbox testing is done testers start with whitebox testing. Whitebox testing is more expensive as compared with Blackbox.

  •  GrayBox Software Testing

Graybox testing is the is the combination of Blackbox and Whitebox testing method. In the case of graybox testing tester knows the some of the programming internals and applies this to writing and executing test cases.


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