The 5 Ways We Build White Hat SEO Backlinks (with Examples) – B2B Corporate Marketing

The 5 Ways We Build White Hat SEO Backlinks (with Examples) – B2B Corporate Marketing


For marketers cutting their teeth in SEO, it’s often a challenge to stay on top of the latest strategies and techniques – let alone what is actually working. The struggle is real – I was too lost in the fog of many a marketing “guru’s” charisma – telling me about a newfangled, sure-fire tool to launch my website to the coveted #1 spot. Needless to say, none of them worked for any sustained period of time.


These days, I am proud to be out the loop on what’s trendy. I purposely stay away from nouveux strategies. And oh boy, there have been some crackers, from automated spam software, content spinners, to PBN building, and every other “strategy” in between.

What’s in this for you? Well, you are going to see how we power websites with backlinks (the most powerful ranking element) – with examples. A real hands-on show-and-tell with techniques you can actually implement. Does consistent, scalable, organic growth online and happy clients sound good?


Having a jaw-dropping website and NO SEO on your website like is a bit like having a Ferrari with no engine. Looks great on the driveway but it is not fit for purpose.


By following what is laid out – you are going to get more organic traffic, more leads, more brand recognition – plaudits from your peers and the satisfaction of making a difference to your business or clients.

1. The Trending Topic:


Picking relevant, trending topics is a cornerstone of good content marketing. With this in mind – getting ahead of the curve in your niche OR developing content for the emotional trigger are effective ways to get quality backlinks through PR.


1.a: Getting ahead of the curve: This is about finding the next big thing inside your niche. For us, in technology, it’s probably a little bit easier: Thailand 4.0, Dark Web, IoT, Blockchain, Big Data – are all super high traffic phrases that we have been able to capture simply by being first and BECOMING the resource for all that follows. (hopefully, you see us ranking in the links).


Here is a screenshot of a link from an IOT consultant – linking to one of our IoT articles.

1.b: The Emotional Trigger: Typically, these are special days, Women’s day is on such opportunity. You can be sure that media agencies will be clambering to get positive Women’s empowerment pieces out – if you have a story to tell, like Aware, – tell it.

This above feature is on Yahoo News (Singapore):

2. The Syndicated Post:


Building backlinks is hard work, it takes a lot of time doing the outreach, creating the content and then getting it published. In order for us to get as much bang for our buck as possible –  we syndicate the content to multiple places, or we post on websites that will do that for us.


Syndicated posts increase your reach and your backlink count automatically. Syndicated posts are articles that are posted in one place, and then reused by other publishers elsewhere on the web.


For instance, we found that by using a well-known local tech blog (e27)– we were able to publish content on their platform, yahoo.sg and other publications in technology niche like The Republic World. This strategy can then be supplemented by posting on your own blog, Medium, and LinkedIn Pulse to really get the most from your content marketing effort.

3. The Authority Guest Post:


A good outreach strategy is absolutely essential to any success in marketing online. A simple blend of content at scale combined with backlinks is a recipe to success. Simply find blogs in your niche – see the sort of content they typically publish evaluate its quality – and then come up with a pitch that might pique the interest of the webmaster.


Typically, you want to find blogs with high authority in your niche this will help with your SEO. Reaching out to them personally via social media is an exceptionally effective way to get your post accepted. Remember to include that valuable backlink to your website.

4. The Free PR:


If you’re not on HARO you need to be – HARO is Help a Reporter Out – the easiest way for you to get free PR. Basically, when reporters need assistance with certain topics they use HARO as a way to reach specialists. Every day I get questions into my mailbox from HARO, that I could possibly answer – if I feel I could add value on the topic, I make my pitch. (below is a typical pitching opportunity)

As a marketer in Technology, with knowledge of these types of scams, I think I could add value – plus hopefully, I can get a good, high-quality link back to the website.


Here is one successful pitch below: (even though they spelled my name wrong).

5. The Link Bait Topic


Ransomware was a hot button topic for tech companies in 2018 – it’s something we have written pretty extensively about – specifically some of the most damaging RaaS campaigns like Petya and WannaCry.


Due to the trendiness of the topic and our ability to get ahead of the curve, it enabled us to be cited (even by our competitors and the Thai Supreme Court!!

If you would like to find out more about SEO for your business, you can reach out to awaresocial__aware.co.th (in English or Thai). You can find out about our AdWords Management solution here: การจัดการ Google AdWords

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