May 13, 2020

WFH MOT: Drink Water-Stretch-Walk

by Matana Wiboonyasake


When Working from Home it’s very easy to get lost in your work and forget to look after yourself properly. Maintaining your body and your health is critical to keeping yourself happy, motivated, and productive.  Work from Home employees must recognize their body and know when they overworking; when they need a break, some exercise, or a simple drink of water. You should be drinking about 2 liters of water a day, that’s before exercise and other activities.

With so much to think about and with work to plan we made a “self-maintenance rota” for you. Think of it as a little daily MOT.



Why drink so much water?

Because water is an important factor in the work process within the body. Drinking water fulfills critical tasks like flushing out toxins from the body and bringing nutrients and oxygen to various cells.

Water is a bit of a miracle element as it also helps you lose weight, not only by compensating for a high-calorie beverage like Coca-Cola but also helping increase your metabolic rate. It has also been proven to help cosmetically with clearer healthier skin, and controlling blood pressure, body temperature, and preventing damage to tissues, muscles, and organs.

By not drinking enough water you are putting your body at risk.

Drinking too little water obviously causes dehydration – the symptoms of this can be as small as dry mouth and tongue, to mood swings and headaches through to kidney stones and loss of consciousness.

Now, do you feel like drinking more water?


Here are 5 poses you can do from home; we suggest you do them for 1 minute each:

1. Hold your hands and stretch up to the sky with your hands above your head.



2. Stretch your shoulder by holding your hands and pushing out from your body.



3. Hold your hands behind your back and stretch your forearms and push your chest out.



4. Raise your arms up and grab each elbow, lightly push your arm down to the floor behind your head.



5. Stretch your arms to the sky and swing them forward slowly.