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Office 365 Business Premium vs Business (Standard):

Office 365 Business Premium vs Business (Standard):

Office 365 Business Premium vs Business (Standard):

In order to pick the correct Office package for your business, it is important that you understand your businesses needs, scale and budget. If you are a business with more than 300 users – we would recommend going with Office 365 Enterprise.

For those who would like to choose an Office 365 Business package – there are three options: Business Premium (the most comprehensive of the Business range), Business (Standard) (Middle-range) and Business Essentials – which is the smallest in terms of capability. Depending on your business’s requirements – any of these solutions could be suitable.

When comparing Business Premium and Business (Standard), there are a lot of commonalities, but there are also some significant differences. As you can see from the snap shot below:

Compare Product-to-Product:


The Core Similarities:

  • User Count: 300 Users Maximum.
  • Applications: Online and Offline Applications.
  • Storage: 1TB of OneDrive.
  • Licensing: 1 License = 5 Devices

The Feature Differences:

  • Email: Business (Standard) doesn’t include business email; Business Premium includes 50 GB mailbox and custom email domain address
  • Pricing: Business (Standard) is $8.25, and Business Premium is $25 ($12.50 in promo)
  • Online Version: Business Premium includes online Outlook

The review:

Business (Standard) may suit your business precisely if you already have email hosting and a custom email address that your employee’s work from. It has the full suite of applications – so you get all those staple legacy workplace apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive). However, it does not include important services like Exchange and SharePoint – which are must-haves for some businesses.

It also doesn’t include some other nice-to-haves unlimited online meetings, email, Sway, Teams, and Yammer.

Aware Group can offer better than list price offer: At the time of writing 13/6/2019 Office Business Premium list price was: *subject to change

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